Monday, July 1, 2013

Patriotic Chic without breaking the bank : All the tools you need for 4th of July ( $25 or less !! )

The most PATRIOTIC day of the year .... The Fourth of July !  This year I say keep it minimal yet fabulous with these key products. This is a chic approach , which is being a subtle patriot , not "cheesy" with literal stars and stripes like the masses.

Eyes -  dab a bit of Lightwand Eye Brightener | Mally Beauty ($25) in the inner corners of the eyes (with the sponge applicator) , also line the bottom waterline as well.  This will give your eyes a VERY bright luminous appearance, and no one would know whether you've missed any sleep or not. You could complete the look with Mascara , but thats about it -  we're keeping things very minimal - less is more.

Lips - no other color would be appropriate than RED!! Make a bold statement ( yes I am saying Bold although I made claims to this look being minimal) with a shiny, cherry red lip.  My choice for this look is Reflection High Shine Lipgloss in "Firecracker" ( isn't the name perfect for the occasion? -)  | Smashbox Cosmetics ($19) .  You can NEVER go wrong with a sexy red lip!

Nails - your hands are one of the most looked at parts on your body -  believe it or not!  Stand out against the crowd with blue shimmering textured nails.  Pixie Dust in "Liberty" ( yet another ironic name) | Zoya  ($9) is a conversation starter !  I've had this on my nails as well ( see above photo) , and its just pure nail bliss !!! This is currently one of my favorite Pixie Dust shades, and it will be yours too!

There you have it ! The Fourth of July beauty blueprint that won't disappoint!

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