Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Perfect Winged Eye - Two ways to get the Look

A classic staple in beauty that has been here since the beginning of civilization ( Egyptians were know to wear heavy liner) is the coveted "Winged Eyliner" or "Winged Eye" or "Cat Eye" (whatever your pretty little heart wants to call it.)

Gel Liner has become pretty popular in recent years with Inglot liner in "77" (Beautylish/ $12)  being one of all your favorite Youtube / Instagram Makeup Artists favorite.  I have three other amazing recommendations from Luxe to Steal .
  1. LUXE : Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner with double-ended brush $24 - the blackest of the blacks you will EVER find... Tested and proved by Moi ! 
  2. Maybelline Eye studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner $9.99
  3. STEAL : e.l.f Studio Cream Liner $3.00 - at 3 bucks, there is absolutely no excuse not to own some gel/cream liner. 

Precision Pen Eyeliners are like the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket to the perfect "Winged Eye" they make it absolutely "fool proof". These are great for people who might find using a brush a bit difficult and it is in my opinion to use the pen over all.  I personally have no preference I like both methods.  Some great options are :
  1. LUXE: Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Longwear Liquid Eyeliner $20
  2. LUXE: MAC Penultimate Eye Liner $20
  3. Kat von D Tattoo Liner $18
  4. STEAL : e.l.f. Studio Precision Liquid Eyeliner $3.00 

Verdict : Draw ... I think both liner formats are excellent its more about preference and ease of use.

Below you will find two ways to wear your "Winged Eye" one subtle , one bold but both equally radiant. 

Full on Glam : Winged Liner , Lashes, and a bold Orange - Red Lip  -  A great option for lip colors are MAC "Dangerous" and Kat Von D  "A go go"

Winged Naturale : Winged Liner paired with a clean bare face.  Nicki Minaj has really become the "Queen of the Wing" lately.  A great lip option is some good ole' lip balm like my all time favorite Rosebud Perfume Co. Strawberry Lip balm

No matter the way you choose to wear your winged liner , one thing is certain you will be exuding extreme amounts of sexy! 

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Model Behavior

Model Behavior

I am so in love with this Jourdan Supermodel Boyfriend Tshirt by Missguided  ($17.98) .  I predict we will see this cheeky T in a few street style shots during the upcoming Fashion Weeks ahead. 
I am going to be sure to snag mines before they're all gone , you should too !  

Monday, August 18, 2014

THE HOT LIST : Four small ways to re-vamp your look

It's been a while since I've been blogging but I wanted to return with my "HOT LIST" - This list contains four key trends that I just love and feel its a must for everyone.

1. Statement Earrings - I have one word for you ... BaubleBar . You do not have to look any further every trend in "baubles" or what I like to call it "bijoux" , BaubleBar has you covered. From Oversized Drop Earrings, to Reverse 360 Pearl Studs ( think Dior but at a MUCH more affordable price) , to the cult hit style Ear Cuffs , your wardrobe will thank you.  A great bonus is you accumulate points with every purchase which can be used towards future purchases.  I just can't get enough !!!

2. Anything Leather  - Leather Pants,  Skirts, Dresses,  the list goes on.  I love to wear Leather ( real or faux does not matter)  all year round actually.  It is classic yet it can be edgy, girly, sexy, relaxed given how you wear it.  Asos has a really cute  Faux Leather Cap that can transcend through all the seasons.  You will feel very "Yonce" with this piece.  Best part about it ...  Its under $15 !!! -  So snag it soon!

3.  Denim on Denim -  Something Old , Something New , Something Blue .  This trend is all of these things - Old , because it has been done since the birth of denim jeans. New, because now we are using all the new silhouettes and accessories to keep things current , also the Denim on Denim extends to Black and Colored Denim as well . Blue, because all of the contrasting shades of the signature color look amazing together. If you are anything like me , you love a bargain and there is so many cute pieces on Missguided .

4. Highlight & Contour - One of the greatest techniques in makeup application ever created.  I do not feel complete without a contoured face.  Some women may think you can not achieve the "natural" "no makeup" look with a Contoured face , but you're WRONG.  It is more than simple to "beat your face" to flawless perfection with the help of some great kits. High - MAKE UP FOREVER Sculpting Kit -  this comes in 4 shades ( as a Dark Skinned makeup lover this makes me happy-  we are often left out ) , Smashbox Step-by-Step  Contour Kit -  This kit is great because it also comes with a diagram for you to follow so this is really good for a makeup novice.  I will admit that I wish it did not come in one universal shade as we ALL are not created equal in terms of contouring shades -  this is a issue with a lot of brands not enough range for darker skin tones. This set is best for Fair to Light / Medium Tones , Medium to Medium/Dark , Dark and Deep Tones I would suggest my next recommendation. Last but not least is Sleek Makeup Face Contouring Kit.  When I say I am in LOVE , I am in LOVE with the pigment on this product. I initially bought Dark, but the way this is pigmented I can very well use Medium as well which I plan on getting. Another bonus the Sleek kit is under $10 !!!

You may experiment with one or with them all (my kind of girl) , but just the smallest change can make a big impact on your over all look. A new look also brings on a new attitude , and a new attitude brings on an endless possibility of new experiences. So I say just go for it!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

MAC x Kelly Osbourne Collection "Dodgy Girl" Swatch . The Perfect shade for Dark Skin !

Once news of the new MAC x Kelly Osbourne Collection hit a few months ago I didn't really think much of it UNTIL I actually saw the colors that would be in this collection.  I fell in love with every single shade of lipstick in the collection and I was kicking myself when I missed the online launch. One in particular captured my heart , and that shade is "Dodgy Girl" , the Matte Lavender hue in the collection.  So today when the collection hit the stores , I made my way to the MAC store here in NY and to my dismay EVERY  single color was sold out .  My response was " but it's only 11:30?!??" - These MAC girls don't play!! I was still determined to check MACY's as a plan B, and (cue Choir) they had just a FEW of my coveted "Dodgy Girl" and "Kelly Yum Yum" ( thats the satin Fuchsia shade) available .  It was fate.  I LOVE "Dodgy Girl!"  I would have purchased "Riot House" ( Matte Orange shade) if it too was available.   Check out "Dodgy Girl" on my Dark skin (below)  ..  

"Dodgy Girl" is the purrrrrrfect vibrant matte lavender shade for the Summer season ( who am I kidding? Its fab for EVERY season! ) in my opinion.  

 Although its a bit lighter it reminds me of Riri Boy which I really loved and was unable to get, although they say Up the Amp is a dupe for Riri Boy Up the Amp is not a Matte and I love when these shades have a Matte finish so that too is what drew me into "Dodgy Girl". I exfoliate and treat my lips regularly , so wearing a Matte is never a issue for me.  So if you love(d) Riri Boy this shade should be in your collection too!  You can shop the collection online or at MAC Stores and participating Department Stores . 

Good Luck Happy Thursday!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

LORAC PRO Palette 2 Preview !!!!

I am SOOOO excited for the release of the PRO Palette 2 which features 8 shimmer / 8 matte cool toned shades which are totally on trend right now ( did you see Rihanna's CFDA icy smoldering eyes??) . You can get your hands on this super cool ( no pun intended) palette ($42)  June 15th at  Can't wait to get my pretty little fingers on these colors. I love that there is a second palette I hope LORAC continues with different variations!  Check out the video below to get a sneak peak at the new palette . Happy Friday!! 


I was one happy girl today when my LORDE x MAC "Pure Heroine"  lipstick came in the mail.  I really have a love for purple shades and although I already have the cult classic "Heroine" ( which is more of a vibrant matte purple) .  I HAD to get this Amplified Deep Eggplant hue ( $16 / MAC Cosmetics) to add to my group of purples. With overnight shipping it arrived in less than 24 hours - Ordered yesterday ( release date) , and it arrived this evening.  I absolutely LOVE this color, and I am all about breaking "typical guidelines" and I will SOOOOO be wearing a dark lip through out the Summer , as many save deep hues for the fall/ winter months.  All you girls who are not big fans of Matte shades will LOVE the creamy sheen of this lipstick , all the pigment without the drying.  Check out this gorgeous shade below . Surprisingly , unlike most limited edition colors this one isnt sold out (YET) , so make sure you check it out here .

Hurry up Girls ! + Happy Friday

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bright Eyed and Refreshed in 3 steps with Lancome Le Corrector Pro

Le Corrector Pro in "550 Deep Suede OS" ...  My fellow Dark Skin girls you can rejoice,  Lancome has got us covered !!!

Finding the right concealer can be very tricky.  Also finding the right product to set it is a whole other task in itself.  Luckily for some who are not that advanced in pairing products or even the whole application process Lancome has come to the rescue with the new Le Corrector Pro ( $38) . This concealer comes in 8 different shades ranging from Fair to Deep (see below) , which makes me very pleased because its really hard to find products that cater to a broad range ( especially when you are in the darker skin tone range).  

Although this set is not intended for this , they can totally be used to "Contour"  in order to do that you have to make sure to buy a set darker than your exact shade.  You can achieve a natural realistic contour .  
Another added bonus is that this set and includes a "tutorial" guide to help you achieve a flawless concealer application every time with the three components "Correct" "Even" and "Set".  Check out the easy, 3 step process to hiding and brightening those eyes !  

Lancome Le Corrector Pro is available Online and exclusive at Bloomingdales and Nordstrom.