Friday, April 24, 2015

Want FLAW-LESS Skin? Insider tips by Celebrity and Editorial Makeup Artist Sir John

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There is no denying that Beyonce has a great canvas to begin with ,  we've seen her without a drop of makeup on and she looks even more radiant than she does in full on glam.  In a recent interview with The Cut (  Sir John , (Celebrity and Editorial Makeup Artist as well as the newly appointed Celebrity Makeup Artist / Ambassador for L'Oreal Paris ) gave a insider tip to obtaining a great glow.

Image : Beyonce Blue Video

Sir John mentioned that we can use Eye Cream beyond the eyes,  and use it on the entire face.
"I'm a skin-care junkie. I like to use eye creams around the face. I also like to use face creams on the body. I approach the body from head to toe as if the whole body will be seen. Most women concern themselves only with the area from hairline to the chin. It's not about that. It's about bringing the conversation of skin care into the décolleté, onto your back, and into your legs."  said Sir John .  Three options I like are 1.  Volante Skincare Transformative Eye Creme ($85) , 2. Tarte maracuja  c-brighter eye treatment ($38) , and lastly 3. Burt's Bees Brightening Eye Treatment ($20).  I've used all three of these eye creams personally ,  recently covered the Volante   I have been satisfied with the results of all three.

Sir John also commented on glowing from within , with the superfood Kale:

"But get your skin into good condition; drink kale. Kale is very high in vitamin K and it increases circulation and helps cell turnover. If you approach your makeup with a holistic approach to health, everything else seems a bit easier. "

You can also check out the new book The Beauty Detox Power , by Kimberly Snyder ( $19/Amazon) for great recipes ( that go beyond just the use of Kale)  to rejuvenate from within to get that glowing radiant skin.  Remember : SKIN is IN .

Happy Friday  + Get Glowing !! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sexy Skin for Spring + Celebrity Makeup Artist Secret Weapons brought to you by BIC.

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The weather is finally warming up here in NYC , and slowly I've been able to peel away at my many layers of clothing.  Usually , I have been one to shave year round but with the Cruel Winter we just had here in the Northeast that just was not happening.  Since I will be soon saying so long to my opaque tights and wearing more skin baring items,  I have to shed my layer of hair on my legs that has been keeping me warm.  I'm not one for waxing my legs ( I've never tried my legs , always felt like it would be too much ) , but I love the quick option of shaving.  Believe it or not I love the disposable options,  1-  they're affordable  2- they get the job done 3- they honestly perform better than their high end counterparts.  Honestly ,  I've tried a lot and disposable will always be a winner with me ( for reference my hair is dark and and grows in long ) .  Cost effective and gets the job done , a Win-Win situation.

From left : BIC Soleil Glow Razor , BIC Flex 5 for MEN, BIC Simply Soleil Click, BIC Soleil Glow Razor,  BIC Flex 5 for MEN, BIC Soleil Glow Razor 

Here are a few of my favorite options :   BIC Simply Soleil Click (1/SRP $6.99) -  This razor comes with six 3-blade cartridges ( it's like 6 razors for the price of one).  I love this razor for traveling too.
Then we have the BIC Soleil Glow Razor (3/SRP $7.49) - perfect for the sensitive types , it comes with a comfort shield ( I have to admit I sometimes remove this to "get deep down and dirty" with my shaving. ) .  Lastly , for the girls who may be a bit hairier than most ( my sisters in the struggle)  the New BIC Flex 5 for Men (2/SRP $6.79) - yes its for Men , but we can use it too. This razor has 5 flexible blades which provide a REALLY close shave, and some of us ladies need the extra assistance.  I personally would start out my Spring / Summer routine with the Flex 5 , since I have excess hair to remove  then proceed throughout the Spring and Summer with the Simply Soleil Click and Soleil  Glow,

*** A insider tip  from Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist  Alex La Marsh ***

I was lucky to attend a Men's Grooming class / demo during IMATS NY  taught by Alex La Marsh, and one valuable lesson I learned is that I need to keep disposable Men's razors ( disclaimer - she did not list / name any particular brand or style just disposable razor)  in my professional Makeup Kit for Male Clients / Models.  Some times the shoot will call for Men to be clean shaven , and you need to be prepared in case he may need to quickly shave his face on set.   So being that these razors are very effective as well as inexpensive,  I will be stocking up on them for work as well.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day !!!!

Tarte Cosmetics Spring 2015 Collection is the best way to kick off Earth Day.  Tarte has been dedicated to being a Sustainable , Earth - Friendly brand AGES before it became on trend.  Year after year Tarte has come with new products that are made from Bamboo  ( Brushes) , featured Amazonian Clay ,  and did not include harsh ingredients like Mineral Oil, Parabens,  Gluten , etc..   I thought it was only fitting that my #MOTD  today be solely  Tarte Products.

For more information , or to shop the products above  check out and  

Happy Earth Day ! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Cargo Cosmetics #MyCityMyCargo Instagram Contest

This week kicked off Cargo Cosmetics Instagram Photo Contest.  This fabulous contest began on the 13th and will run till the 26th of this month ( til midnight)

Cargo wants you to :

  1. Show them your favorite Cargo in your city or on a trip
  2. Tag them in your photo with their handle @cargocosmetics  (you can tag them in the IG photo as well ) 

The prize ..... 

5 lucky winners with the most creative photos will win a new Summer in the City Palette.  
 Winners will be announced at April 27th at 11am .  

Goodluck !!! 

8 hours of sleep in a bottle - VOLANTÉ’s Transformative Eye Crème

Life sometimes gets in the way , and although we may want to get a full night of sleep - its not always that easy.  I can attest to that myself.  My little secret to ALWAYS looking refreshed and bright eyed ( when I really felt like anything but) has been  one thing - Eye Creme.  My current obsession is the Volante Skincare Transformative Eye Creme.  It does come with a hefty price tag at being $85 , but a little goes a VERY long way and it really is worth the investment.  I am a self proclaimed Makeup Snob, but I make a point to invest the time in a great skincare regimen .  This Eye Creme has 7 Vitae , which is a patent-pending blend of botanicals that comprise the most potent anti-inflammatory (anything anti inflammatory is a  MUST for under eyes) topical available without a prescription.
 Especially as we get older its much more vital.  Sleep is the best beauty routine , I will never say this will replace actual rest -  BUT  this Eye Creme really does improve the appearance of my delicate eye area despite my sleep deprivation.  My sleep routine has improved some but this is still in my regimen.  I love to use it before I apply my makeup -  the best thing to do is make sure it sets first then continue with your application.  I've noticed my under eye makeup does not crease and settle as much as it once was.  I love it at night before bed,  ( always make sure to use the ring finger , it is the most gentle).  I've been meaning to review this from about two Months ago, again I said  REAL life get in the way , but better late then never !  For more information , please check out .

Skin is In !  Take the best care of it ! 

Influenster | Vox Box Neutrogena Naturals Makeup Wipes Review - Earth Month Beauty Routine.

So I was one of the lucky few that was chosen to review the Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes as part of the #WipeforWater Challenge via Influenster.  
So for five consecutive days, I did not wash my makeup off "traditionally" with Water and a Cleanser of my choice.  Instead, I used these lovely wipes to fully remove my makeup.  I can say that these wipes are very saturated , and they really get the job done.  In the video below which was day three ,  I am wearing Matte Lipstick  ( which we all know tends to tint the lips) , Bulletproof liquid liner,  Foundation all set with Skindinavia Setting Spray ( which means it was staying PUT) .  It all came off effortlessly.  My bare skin is completely bare and glowing.  

 By the third day of using the wipes,  my skin felt significantly smoother - I'm not just saying this it really did. I'm so pleased with these wipes , I will have to start purchasing them to keep in my Makeup kit ( work and personal ) !!   What I loved the most is how my skin felt the next morning.  I feel as if the natural ingredients really are embedded into the skin after a few days.  I can only imagine the results after a few months.  So my final thoughts on these wipes are they're great , and I love that I am conserving water just in time for Earth Day!  

Influenster provided me with the Neutrogena Naturals Wipes for Review.  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

My NYFW Instagram Beauty Diary - My list of breakout / beauty must haves !

NYFW sadly has come to an end. It was a fun week despite the cold, and snowy appearance of the city. One thing I did not fall short on was playing on different beauty trends.  From Natural ,  to Flirty , to Full on Grunge , Classic Red lip, to   Editorial Glam .  What I will say having to get ready quickly to make sure I got to my events / shows made me want to glam in as short a time as possible.  That is why I reached for my Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream in Dark  (ALWAYS applied with my damp Beauty Blender of course) for most of the days as my go to instead of a standard Foundation and I loved the results.  My other repeat product these past couple of days was my Lancome Grandiose Mascara -  which has become one of my new favorites in terms of Mascaras. There's something about the bending applicator that makes applying it so unique and special.  Below I have listed my other "Breakout Stars" of the past couple of days from my very different looks.  Enjoy !

DISCLAIMER : I did not re-touch any of these photos these are all raw footage taken with my iPhone 6 

Day 1 : Feb 12  -  I went for a very BARE minimalist look.
Full frontal view of this look -  Click Here 
Beauty Breakout Stars of  Day 1 :
Day 2 : Feb 13 -  Flirty with a Pop of color .

Beauty Breakout Stars of  Day 2 : 

Day 3 : Feb 14  -  Grunge Smokey Glam ( very Editorial | Runway inspired)

Beauty Breakout Stars of Day 3 

    Day 4 : Feb 15 -  Extreme Winged Liner 
I think this was my look that was the most popular out of all days. 
Beauty Breakout Stars of Day 4 
    Day 5 : Feb 16 - Bold Red Lip  ( I took this pic mid way walking towards Lincoln Center the image isn't the best quality)

Hope you enjoyed +  will check out the products mentioned.  Comment if you will or you did !!!!  xo