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Sephora VIB Sale 2021 : Not Sure What to get ? Recommendations from a Beauty Connoisseur.

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It's that time !  That only comes around two times a year : Spring/Summer , and Fall Winter - where Sephora has their infamous Beauty Insider Sale . This is the absolute BEST time to score items you had your eyes on and maybe didn't want to splurge full price so you'll get some $$ off.  It's also the best time to replenish on your favorite staples or what I like to call "Cosmetic Crushes" ( my CH peeps know what I'm talking about) , and lastly just get a great deal on the luxury items that are amazing but just are not the most fiscally friendly.  The sale starts this Friday  11/5 for VIB Rouge Members  who have first access for three days , 11/9 for VIB Members , and 11/11 for Beauty Insider ending on 11/15 . 
Its also a great time to get your favorite Sephora Collection items that are 30% off during the sale. 

I took it upon myself to do a quick run-down on my TOP suggestions ( this does not mean there's not other equally amazing items that I also recommend  - its just that if I literally listed everything , we'd be here ALL. DAY.  

Let's just get to it , what do you need ? I personally think the sale is the BEST time to purchase "Skincare" and "Fragrance" . We go through our skincare / body care products much faster and also the good stuff "costs" . As for fragrance , you're most definitely getting bang for your buck with some percentage off.  

Body Care 

I absolutely love the Skinfix Glycolic Renewing Scrub + AHA/BHA Renewing Cream.  With the scrub priced at $30 , and Cream $45 . This year I took the initiative to buy more products for my body that contained powerhouse ingredients like Glycolic Acid  to really give my skin the TLC it deserves. So far I am really loving these two products. 

Skin Care 

Tatcha The Deep Cleanse Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser .  I LOVE this cleanser.  You just have to try it for yourself.  Your skin looks and feels great after once use.  My honest suggestion is to splurge on the Value Size priced at $62 ( if you can) during the VIB Sale.  If not, the $38 regular size will do. I absolutely love this stuff !  I really can't put into words , honestly .  I'm not being sponsored or paid to speak about any of these items - so its my 100% true thoughts and opinions. So please,  get this cleanser!  

Paulas Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant . Its priced at $29.50 for 4.0z standard size   I have discovered this product back in 2016 - and was just transformed on how it made my skin GLOW. Since then, I have always gave it as a recommendation to friends, family and clients. Everyone loves this stuff!!  You're going to have to replenish this much faster than other items so it just makes the best sense to grab it discounted.  

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask $25 - I first used this back in 2018. I love a sleeping mask.  Especially now approaching the colder months and our skin dries out ( even us combination -oily girls and boys) , this is such a nice way to treat yourself nightly .  

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (Gummy Bear - you can get whatever flavor you'd like , Gummy Bear is just my current favorite ) $22 - I not only use this to sleep , I use this in place of lip balm, and I have been doing this for years. I think most of us have been doing so that Laneige later released lip balms but to be honest I never gave them a try because I love the lip mask!  It's also a great lip prep while doing makeup. I've used the vanilla flavor in my professional kit.  I will like to add yes for a daily lip balm / sleep mask 22 dollars may seem a bit steep , but this is A LOT of product.  It will last for MONTHS.  Also the sheen it leaves on your lips you will not need lip gloss , especially on no makeup days , and  during our new normal with daily mask wear ( for long periods of time).  This product helps keep the lips hydrated all day with only one application. 

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel $88 ( 30 treatments / 5 bonus).  So, if you've seen the theme here it's yet another exfoliating option.  This two step system I love because: 1- the amount of product is pre packaged for you, 2- you're getting the exfoliator and serum in one use. If you've never used this before I suggest trying the 5 treatments size , and also there is a universal version which is not extra strength for those with more sensitive skin.  

Caudelie Beauty Elixir Face Mist -  I have a few favorite facial sprays and this is one of them.  I've used this during my skincare routines ( between products ) , and also to set my makeup.  I literally get sad when its almost finished. Priced at $49 , it is most certainly a prestige facial spray and worth every  ( in this case , discounted )penny. 

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray $35 - Another favorite of mines, and my clients !  So don't be alarmed that it says setting spray - trust me this is like another Beauty Elixir. I use this to prep the skin before makeup ,  during skincare routines ,  you name it.  I use it on my clients to prep, set, and refresh their makeup / grooming look.  It has been such a favorite of COUNTLESS clients they've texted me wanting to find out what I used on them because their makeup STAYED PUT for hours , and their skin maintained a flawless finish.  I honestly need a direct discount code with Charlotte Tilbury or something because I've definitely contributed to the sales of this amazing product.  

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Oil-Free Moisturizer $39 -  This is an amazing moisturizer. I have been using it both in my professional kit for years on countless people and everyone LOVES this. I am all about skin having an amazing glow , and this moisturizer does just that ! You can not go wrong with this moisturizer . Perfect prep to a makeup look. 

Dermologica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator $59 - ( There is also a mini size for $15) I feel like this exfoliator has been name dropped more than the latest celebrity gossip. I have not tried this out yet , but so many that I trust have and they love it, so it was on my shopping list. 

Freck Beauty Rich Bitch Cactus + Vitamin C Moisturizer $32 -  the second skincare item on the list I do not own, nor have ever tried before besides in store while filming the product suggestions.  I honestly never even saw this before this trip to Sephora . So far,  from my mini first impressions it feels rich ( hence the name ... duh), and hydrating.  It's sparked my interest tremendously .  I think I will go back to Sephora to purchase or purchase online when the sale begins.  This is the perfect example - not familiar with a product getting it while on sale is the best time to try them out. You're paying less than regular price in the event you feel like it's trash.  My senses tell me that this won't be. Maybe I'll follow up with a Rich Bitch review, and let you all know if it lives up to its claims:  visibly brighten and reduce hyperpigmentation , calms the look of inflammation and redness while maintaining moisture in the skin. 

Bite Beauty Agave+ Nighttime Vegan Lip Therapy  , and Intensive Vegan Lip Mask . If you follow me on Instagram , or TikTok, or Twitter , you've seen me mention these items. Staple items. I use both as lip balms during the day as well as night treatments. Both are in my professional kit , and these are also products that countless clients , friends and family have purchased.  The Nighttime Lip Therapy will work wonders on severely dry lips,  like you will never use regular standard lip balm again. PRO Tip * -  wipe it off if you're planning to apply lip stick / lip gloss.  Blot it if you're using as part of a male grooming routine to take all the shine away. A little goes a LONG way.  


Last but certainly not least is fragrance. Honestly if this is all you purchase from the sale - I wouldn't be mad at it.  Fragrance hardly every goes on sale and if it does, you have to catch it while you can.  I narrowed it down to three scents that are on my personal radar that I love. But by all means , get that scent you've been wanting but the price was was not giving what you wanted it to give. Seize the day with this sale! 

These three are definitely in the "luxury" category of scents given their price point.  The nice part is each has a more economical option to choose from.  Many others in this price range don't produce smaller sizes at all. 

Chanel COCO Mademoiselle  Eau de Parfum $138 | $108 | $82 - I love a warm floral scent.  I was given a sample by my beauty advisor from the Chanel Store in Soho in late September and it's been a fragrance love affair. 

Kilian Paris Love, Don't Be Shy  Eau de Parfum $240 |$195 - dubbed as "Rihanna's signature scent" and she's been known to smell amazing - confirmed by literally everyone .  This has a sweet but sexy scent. I love the Marshmallow notes.  

Kilian Paris Good Girl Gone Bad  Eau de Parfum $240| $195 - I was not intending on trying this out or even seeing how it smells but it was recommended to me by someone shopping while I was in store and I was blown away. The unisex floral scent is right up my alley.  I'm drawn to scents like this one.  This is a bold sexy floral.  

There you have it folks!  We are at the end of our list,  and I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it .  Granted, if none of these products speak to you and your needs and beauty goals - thats totally okay. Enjoy shopping the sale , and please tag me if you've purchased any of my suggestions.  I want to see :) 

Happy Shopping! 

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Stay Hydrated , Healthy,  and Safe ! 

Jeannie xo 

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