Tuesday, February 16, 2021

B.A.G.S (Beauty and Grooming Safe-Space ) Presents #MCM Mens Grooming 2-15-21

Yesterday we had another great #MCM : Mens Grooming Chat on Clubhouse. 

This week  I covered the main things you would need in your kit if you are just starting out doing mens grooming.  Most of these items ( or something else comparable may very well already exist in your kit. So since I was asked by an Artist who further wants to explore this world , I figure I devote the entire recap to this topic only. 

Skincare -  You would definitely need an exfoliating toner ,  for example like the Bevel Skin Exfoliating Toner as a prep.  It will help lightly exfoliate the skin to make a perfect base.  This toner is great for men to keep in their routine as it helps with shaving bumps and dark marks. 

Complexion - Next, we want to focus on a matte moisturizer , because we do NOT want any shine.  If the man is bald we will make sure to not neglect this part of his head.  Following moisturizer , we use a matte primer.  Two great options are the moisturizer from Bioderma , and the Step 1 matte primer from Makeup Forever . 

Not shown, but we want to color correct / spot conceal / brighten up dark circles with concealer. Theres so many choices to choose from - use what you already have.  What I will say though is choose a concealer that dries down matte and is medium to full coverage .  Be very sparse with application - because the whole point in Mens Grooming to look like he hasn't done anything , yet very refreshed and awake. 

We want to use a matte setting powder to set concealer and to take away any additional shine on the face or ( bald head ).  Makeup Forever Super Matte powder is a favorite I've used in the past.  It comes in various shades . 

Brows - A brow gel to mold brows and also add some volume is your best bet.  If he has great full brows you only need to go in with clear brow gel, if he has some gaps you want to fill in - lightly fill in with a pencil.  The main secret weapon will be a tinted brow gel.  Most times you may only need to use this to get the job done .  A great option I use on myself and clients is the Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel. 

Lips -  In the past, I would use a lip balm for Men , there's so many options.  In the past two years I started using Bite Beauty's Agave + Night Therapy on everyone as a lip base / prep.  I really love how this instantly revitalizes your lips.  This product does have a bit of a shine to it , so make sure you blot accordingly.  * Bonus - you might want to keep their lip scrub in your kit with you in case your client / model has severely dry or chapped lips. 

Check out My weekly #WCW :Womens Cosmetic-Crush Chat tomorrow .  

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I hope you've found this information useful and whether you're an artist looking to work on more men, or inquiring for yourself or your loved one - I wish you the best ! 

Please remember to stay Hydrated, Healthy, and Safe ! 

Jeannie xo 

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