Tuesday, February 18, 2014

GYM CONFIDENTIAL : Key items for your gym bag

This is the perfect time of year to work on getting your body ready for summer with all those pool parties and holidays in your near future. Sweating it out at the gym doesn't mean we can't keep up appearances after the 500-700 calorie burn.

Some of my suggestions to keep in your gym bag are :
1. Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil ($32) -  Washing my face is about the first thing I do once I'm done working out at the gym, and I am all for the whole "face oils" movement that's going on.  Post workout when you've just released so much of those toxins out of your pores is the perfect time to use a gentle all natural cleanser like this one.

2. GUD Natural Cleansing Wipes ($3) - I love these , especially if you're not too fond of public showers. After using these wipes no one would know you've just spent an hour in hot yoga. Perfect for when you have other engagements after a workout , you won't have to be self conscious that anyone would know you've been workin' it out !

3. Mama Mio Products  -  Everything from Get Waisted to The A Cream to The Activist.  Mama Mio has a plethora of products that firm skin,  diminish cellulite, perk up boobs, soothe muscles, you name it ,  Mama Mio  has it.

Enjoy your workout ! 

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