Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer calls for Nude Lips, Glowing Bronzed Skin, and Mega Heat Proof Liner and Lashes !!

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So, we are in the midst of Summer , with the temperatures scorching ... One thing we can not neglect is keeping our "visage" radiant as ever. Nothing else I can think of has the ability to be bold as well as natural, sexy as well as playful e, all at the same time ( depending on what you pair it with) besides a NUDE lip. One of my ultimate favorite lip choices - whether its with a dark sultry eye, or a winged liner , you never can go wrong. I am absolutely over the moon that the Amazois Mally Roncal has yet again created a Nude lip set to obtain the perfect nude lip. Mally The Perfect Nude Lip 3-Piece Lip Set ($35/QVC)   The set which comes in two shades for lighter and deeper skintones ( I truly appreciate the fact that she continues to offer to a broad spectrum, being Dark Skinned myself it is a bit hard looking for shades to match or compliment me) comes complete with three products - Perfect Prep Lip Pencil, Evercolor Satin Lipstick, High Shine Liquid Lipstick.  

                    The Perfect Nude Lip Application 
Step 1 . Line the lips - trace along the shape of your lips - Tip* draw a line to connect the cupids bow if you want to create a fuller pout.  
Step 2. Apply the lipstick - Filling in the entire lip .  
Step 3. Apply the liquid lipstick - creating a plump sexy nude pout! 

Notable Mentions to Finish the Look : 
1. Sexy Black Liquid Waterproof Liner with a hint of shimmer, we tend to sweat or how I like to call it "glisten" more frequently, so waterproof items are our best bet to remaining "bulletproof" throughout the day. I love the new Waterproof Luminous Liquid Eyeliner in "Black Diamond" (Mally Beauty / $20) - the subtle hints of shimmer in this liner can transcend from day to night. It will give a lovely pop against the nude lip. 
2. Waterproof Mascara is the only option during the summer months ( no one wants Panda / Raccoon Eyes) . Mally Suggests applying three coats of her Volumizing Waterproof Mascara (Mally Beauty / $20) - you see the difference with this lash extending mascara. No falsies needed ! 
3. You have to "glow" ! Mally Roncal says " Use a bronzer that is one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Apply it where the sunlight will naturally hit your face, like behind the ears, along the jawline, across the top of forehead, on the nose, cheeks and tip of the chin." Believable Bronzer is perfect (Mallybeauty.com / $40) - I love this palette! I feel naked without it! Also great for contouring the face! 
4. Defend your face against shine - which we are more prone to in the hotter climate.  Adding a matte effect along with erasing all signs of visible pores with Mallys amazing Evercolor Poreless Face Defender (Mallybeauty.com / $40) . There is nothing like this product in the beauty world and you SEE the difference instantly upon application. 

Check out MallyBeauty.com for more products and for more makeup tips, fun tidbits, and information check out her Twitter , Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages ! 

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