Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Key to Pretty Skin .....

Photo Credit: Kimberly Snyder Instagram

Health tip of the day by the beautiful Kimberly Snyder ( Celebrity Nutritionist as well as New York Times Best selling Author) is short and simple. 

Carrots = Pretty Skin 

Kimberly Suggests that we incorporate carrots in salads ( very quick and easy to toss some in) , and her preference is to slice them thinly.  Carrots are naturally sweet, I love the idea of incorporating carrots in a juicing recipe.  Since I was a child my Grandmere stressed the eating of carrots for eye health, so I am pleased to learn that my skin can benefit as well.  

For more information on Kimberly Snyder , and her beauty detox foods books and healthy tips. check out 

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