Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baby products fit for a Future King !

Prince George Alexander Louis was born on Tuesday  and Mom Kate looked amazing the day after giving birth ( pictured, above). Here is my list of goodies perfect for Baby and Mommy , royal lineage not necessary.

  • Exederm Non-Irritating Baby Shampoo   - this product along with the complete Exederm line is specially formulated for Children with eczema, dermatitis and dry sensitive skin. What I love about this line it is formulated with the mildest ingredients possible - so even if your baby or Prince George may not have these skin issues its a safer product to use in comparison to the standard baby products. 
  • Mama Mio Products : Get Waisted Body Shaper - Not that Kate will have issues "snapping back" , but a little help shrinking her core wont hurt . This formula also works great with aiding digestion. See-No-Scar Solution - In case Kate had any scars that she would need to eliminate to get back to her sun bathing self. Boob Tube - Because we all want to make sure the girls keep their youthful perky appearance. Skin Tight - Snapping back is key and vital to every new Mom, and Skin Tight works great on many areas of the body. 
  • Mum + Bub Complete line :  Hair + Body Wash , Ultra Gentle Lotion, Soothing Ointment - This whole line is like the caviar of baby products. Sophisticated enough for Kate to use herself .  This line is free of phytoestrogen + parabens + added hormone disrupters + petroleum oils + phthalates + dioxanes from sulfates + gluten and soy + petrochemicals + DEA + artificial colors .  The smell of these items are like heaven. 
  • Lavanilla The Healthy Baby Collection :  Baby Butter, Baby Lotion, Baby Bottom, Baby Wash  Lavanilla is another line of products committed to providing quality without harsh ingredients.  I love the fact that this line is all natural and all babies (royals or not) deserve only the best on their delicate baby skin! 

Honorable Mention ... Kim Kardashian Who gave birth last month to baby girl North West .

  • Bonding over Beauty by Erika Katz  - Although it will be a while before baby North can partake in the activities in this book. I just love the idea of imagining Kim K and her little girl doing at home mani's , and facials.  I'm pretty sure she will get the best treatments by professionals during her adolescent years, but there is something fun and endearing about the DIY recipes and tips in this book.  I love how Erika provides encouragement for young girls to wear makeup , color their hair , remove unwanted hair - YET everything is intended for them to remain age appropriate.  As a self proclaimed girly girl myself , I look forward to one day being able to share these moments with my future daughter. Kourtney and Penelope can even partake in the fun! 
  • Mum + Bub Complete line :  Hair + Body Wash Ultra Gentle LotionSoothing Ointment -   This line is free of phytoestrogen + parabens + added hormone disrupters + petroleum oils + phthalates + dioxanes from sulfates + gluten and soy + petrochemicals + DEA + artificial colors ( as I mentioned above) . After years of watching KUWTK ,  I can totally see Kourtney suggesting Kim use this line ( if she hasn't already) as Kourtney is the "health nut" out of the bunch! 
  • Lavanilla The Healthy Baby Collection :  Baby Butter  Kim K is all about beauty and skincare.  So it is only natural that baby North will be too! She would want her little princess using only the most natural and safe products on her skin.
  • Mama Mio Products : Get Waisted Body Shaper Boob Tube , Skin Tight - We ALL know that Kim's body was and is her money maker. I know during this current hiatus she is taking she is getting back to business.  These three items would be perfect for her to incorporate in her regime. 

Its a happy time for both babies and Moms, and if you want to more information on the fabulous products listed check out the links above! 

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