Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Secret tip to getting 3D editorial-worthy makeup at home !

While on location a few weeks ago serving as a make-up artist assistant to fabulous makeup artist friend Stepanie Flor , and I noticed these small little futuristic cylinder / cone like objects she would use to make the models face blend flawlessly.  From the concealer , contour , foundation, not a shade of color was not blended - I was amazed that I had not already been using these sponges on myself !!!  Luckily, (ironically actually -) I discovered that Mattesse Elite ( Sold at the iconic Rickys NYC) carries these little cylinders of magic, they're called 3D Makeup Sponges .  Check out the photo below for an example of the flawless finish these blenders can produce. 

Photo: Phil Knott for BG Magazine

I also love this image, because it was taken after I took on being in charge of touch-ups, and I made some alterations to the eye-makeup. Stephanie is a great teacher !!

How to use: Use the pointed side for application around corners of the eyes, nose and mouth area and the wider side to contour under the jaw and cheekbones. The sponge is washable and expands when wet for effective cleaning, returning to its original size when dry.

The Mattese Elite 3D Makeup Sponge retails for $19.99 for 2 sponges and is available for purchase at Ricky’s NYC store locations and at www.RickysNYC.com.

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