Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Looks to Take You From Day to Night




During the summer we usually get into a routine of things - as we do with all seasons,but summer always has a special feeling. There is three specific Summer Dresses you need - one for the beach ( cover up), the day out on the town / or for while at work, and my personal favorite : night. For Beach, Bandeau top dresses (as the yellow number pictured above) are ideal the ideal dress style, for starters they eliminate the harsh nasty tan lines that straps would create , and another great point is that its easy to slip off for a summer dip in the pool , or to get the full tan experience ( just don't forget your SPF!!!!). For Day something a bit more prettier and structured is best, because you're not lounging by the pool or local beachfront bar. I love a dress with a a delicate neckline ( as the pretty dress pictured , middle), and this dress would look amazing with a belt cinched at the waist to take it up a notch. For Night, something with fun pretty prints along with bright energetic colors is a great choice. So remember for summer ,for dresses your must have options in your wardrobe are Beach,Day,and Night , and you're all set!

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