Monday, June 21, 2010

Play it up with Playsuits !!!!

It's officially Summer , so you have a seal of approval to play with shorter hemlines. Whats the best option of clothing to do that with ?? One might ask, its simple - short shorts! Not just any pair of shorts though, instead why not take it up a notch and combine the look of fabulous jumpsuits with red-hot shorts - and what is the result?? Playsuits! As seen all over Hollywood and along the streets of all the Fashion Forward cities (New York, Los Angeles, Miami, etc...) - these are great for day or night, and a fun way to transition into the summer season. For Day - terrycloth, cotton, gingham print, floral prints along with linen would be ideal. For Night - textiles like Silk and Satin are ideal, they can be paired with great accessories to really achieve the ultimate night on the town look. The addition of ruffles (like the playsuit pictured above) intensify the femininity to this style that is already very structured, but the ruffles soften the look in volumes. Embellishments ( studs, grommets, sequins etc..) are also all over the place from shoes, handbags, dresses and denim. Now they've found their way on playsuits as well (pictured above top) - this satin playsuit with studs is like a marriage between Edgy and Pretty , which we are all having fun with right now. Whether you want to play it up in the day or in the night, there is a playsuit to suit your style.

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