Sunday, March 2, 2008

Make - Up , Jetson's Style !!

The age of Beauty has definitely gone Hi-Tech with this new breed of products. From Instant color application to blu_ray™ make up ( that's purpose is to look absolutely fab on HDTV).

First up, is ColorOn...Professional Instant Eye Shadow Applicators
(pictured, Above in colors Amethysts & Gold, and Amethysts & White Gold)
If this is not Beauty-Technology Breakthrough of the year, I don't know what is !!

As the pictures above display, you have a picture-ready shadow application in an instant!
It is great that these colors look great on all complexions, and the shadow lasts all day without the annoyance of having to touch it up.

I absolutely love the shades Ibiza
(a Brown and Beige shade) , Sunset Beach ( a Beige and Coral shade) , and Lava (a Black and Gold Metallic shade) . I find ColorOn..Professional's Instant Eye Shadow Applicators are very reasonable priced, ranging from $20/10 applications to $60/20 applications .

I just find this product very fabulous + fun, and I plan on making them a Spring Staple as far as my shadow is concerned.

To see more information , please visit

Next up on the Jetson-Beauty movement is The blu_ray™ Collection by Cargo Cosmetics ($59- a $130 value ) - Available at Sephora , and

This HD compatible line ( pictured, right) features blu_ray™ Gloss, blu_ray™ Blush/Highlighter, blu_ray™ Pressed Powder, blu_ray™ High Definition Mattifier, and last but not least, blu_ray™ Mascara.

I guess someone has got the memo from all the disgruntle actresses / models whose imperfections have come out to the world due to the HDTV craze, and they've come up with a anecdote - make up that was created especially for high definition film. Or better yet, all of us mere-mortals whose imperfections have been MAGNIFIED from our friends/loved ones digital cam snapshots - which now shoot HD quality pictures!!

The blu_ray™ products are also sold separately wherever CARGO is sold ( starting Feb 15th - hasn't even been a month yet !! so go on and get your blu_ray on!!) , including Sephora stores,

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