Thursday, February 28, 2008

Perfection Has Become a Reality...

Thanks to the folks at per-fékt Beauty, we can all be per-fékt! I strongly recommend the per-kt skin perfection gel - shown above, left (1.0 FL OZ , $57.50) , also comes in a smaller size per-fékt skin perfection gel to go - shown above, right (0.25 FL OZ , $19.50). It acts as a cover-up for imperfections/primer/ and a sheer foundation (I'm not a fan of heavy foundation). It dries beautifully as well. My all time Favorite of the per-fékt Beauty line is the per-fékt body perfection gel - shown right (3.0 FL OZ, $48.00) . This is what I call "Gold in a bottle" ! I use the Exotic shade (I couldn't imagine another name for this shade! they were definitely on to something!) , and it just makes my dark brown skin look like I bathed in pure Gold. It is definitely going to be my Spring / Summer staple , and I am already looking into buying it in bulk - Yes! its THAT good. What I love most about this line is that there's a shade that works for everyone ( where complexion is concerned) , and its very hard to find a quality brand that does that. These super products are available at Sephora Stores Nationwide, HSN, Takashimaya, , and .

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