Monday, April 18, 2016

7 Nude Lip Liners Every Chocolate Girl Needs !

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Nude lips are really hot at the moment ( not that I can ever recall when it was ever not en vogue to wear a nude lip , but I digress) .  Especially shades of pinky mauve's , burgundy's and classic browns.  The problem for Women of Color  ( who fall in the deep/darker range) is that we want to recreate some of these shades but are using the wrong lip colors that are NOT giving us what we want.

Mauve  - For example , the highly coveted "Spice" pencil by MAC - would not read the same on Darker skintones as it would on our fair /med/tan  counterparts.  A great alternative to use instead for that rosy/mauve lip are my personal favorites -  1.  Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner in "FIGGY" ($20) , or 2. MAC  Burgundy Lip Liner ( $16.50).   I love wearing MAC's Burgundy with a nude lipstick such as "Bad Girl RiRi , and Smashbox's Figgy looks very pretty on its on as in addition to a lipstick of your choice.

Chocolate / Deep Brown  -  Sometimes you want a deeper brown lip that reads like a TRUE BROWN on you even though you are on the deeper skin range. I absolutely LOVE 3. Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner in "NUDE DARK" ($20).  This pencil can be used for a full dark lip ( I love this liner with Colourpop's Limbo  )  as a base , or to customize your favorite light Nude lipsticks ( looks amazing with ABH Pure Hollywood). 4. MAC Chesnut  Lip Liner  ($16.50) is another deeper brown lip liner alternative to consider giving a try. It is not as deep as Smashbox's Nude Dark, but it is Brown Girl friendly, and a must for your personal kit.

Skin tone -  These two browns are as close to true complexion as a liner can get.  When you want a liner, but you do not want it to overpower your lip color of choice. 5. MAC Cork Lip Liner ($16.50) is an amazing choice, this brown blends in with your complexion seamlessly without the obvious "I'm wearing a Lip Liner " look. 6. Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner in "SIENNA" ($20) is another nice alternative as well.

It would be ideal to have all six liners, but if you made sure to have at least one from each category - your makeup collection would be set ( when it comes to creating the Perfect Nude Lip).

*** UPDATE***

I happened to watch a video about High end vs  Low end makeup by Jackie Aina  ( you can view the video by clicking here ) and she used the Colourpop Taurus Pencil  ($5) -  Which is a perfect BUDGET Friendly addition to the list.  You can totally use this as a "Skin Tone" liner like Cork or Sienna and pair it with pinks , nudes, peaches.

Taurus by Colourpop

Taurus by Colourpop on the lips - its a beautiful brown liner.  I'm sold on it !  

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