Monday, August 18, 2014

THE HOT LIST : Four small ways to re-vamp your look

It's been a while since I've been blogging but I wanted to return with my "HOT LIST" - This list contains four key trends that I just love and feel its a must for everyone.

1. Statement Earrings - I have one word for you ... BaubleBar . You do not have to look any further every trend in "baubles" or what I like to call it "bijoux" , BaubleBar has you covered. From Oversized Drop Earrings, to Reverse 360 Pearl Studs ( think Dior but at a MUCH more affordable price) , to the cult hit style Ear Cuffs , your wardrobe will thank you.  A great bonus is you accumulate points with every purchase which can be used towards future purchases.  I just can't get enough !!!

2. Anything Leather  - Leather Pants,  Skirts, Dresses,  the list goes on.  I love to wear Leather ( real or faux does not matter)  all year round actually.  It is classic yet it can be edgy, girly, sexy, relaxed given how you wear it.  Asos has a really cute  Faux Leather Cap that can transcend through all the seasons.  You will feel very "Yonce" with this piece.  Best part about it ...  Its under $15 !!! -  So snag it soon!

3.  Denim on Denim -  Something Old , Something New , Something Blue .  This trend is all of these things - Old , because it has been done since the birth of denim jeans. New, because now we are using all the new silhouettes and accessories to keep things current , also the Denim on Denim extends to Black and Colored Denim as well . Blue, because all of the contrasting shades of the signature color look amazing together. If you are anything like me , you love a bargain and there is so many cute pieces on Missguided .

4. Highlight & Contour - One of the greatest techniques in makeup application ever created.  I do not feel complete without a contoured face.  Some women may think you can not achieve the "natural" "no makeup" look with a Contoured face , but you're WRONG.  It is more than simple to "beat your face" to flawless perfection with the help of some great kits. High - MAKE UP FOREVER Sculpting Kit -  this comes in 4 shades ( as a Dark Skinned makeup lover this makes me happy-  we are often left out ) , Smashbox Step-by-Step  Contour Kit -  This kit is great because it also comes with a diagram for you to follow so this is really good for a makeup novice.  I will admit that I wish it did not come in one universal shade as we ALL are not created equal in terms of contouring shades -  this is a issue with a lot of brands not enough range for darker skin tones. This set is best for Fair to Light / Medium Tones , Medium to Medium/Dark , Dark and Deep Tones I would suggest my next recommendation. Last but not least is Sleek Makeup Face Contouring Kit.  When I say I am in LOVE , I am in LOVE with the pigment on this product. I initially bought Dark, but the way this is pigmented I can very well use Medium as well which I plan on getting. Another bonus the Sleek kit is under $10 !!!

You may experiment with one or with them all (my kind of girl) , but just the smallest change can make a big impact on your over all look. A new look also brings on a new attitude , and a new attitude brings on an endless possibility of new experiences. So I say just go for it!

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