Thursday, June 12, 2014

MAC x Kelly Osbourne Collection "Dodgy Girl" Swatch . The Perfect shade for Dark Skin !

Once news of the new MAC x Kelly Osbourne Collection hit a few months ago I didn't really think much of it UNTIL I actually saw the colors that would be in this collection.  I fell in love with every single shade of lipstick in the collection and I was kicking myself when I missed the online launch. One in particular captured my heart , and that shade is "Dodgy Girl" , the Matte Lavender hue in the collection.  So today when the collection hit the stores , I made my way to the MAC store here in NY and to my dismay EVERY  single color was sold out .  My response was " but it's only 11:30?!??" - These MAC girls don't play!! I was still determined to check MACY's as a plan B, and (cue Choir) they had just a FEW of my coveted "Dodgy Girl" and "Kelly Yum Yum" ( thats the satin Fuchsia shade) available .  It was fate.  I LOVE "Dodgy Girl!"  I would have purchased "Riot House" ( Matte Orange shade) if it too was available.   Check out "Dodgy Girl" on my Dark skin (below)  ..  

"Dodgy Girl" is the purrrrrrfect vibrant matte lavender shade for the Summer season ( who am I kidding? Its fab for EVERY season! ) in my opinion.  

 Although its a bit lighter it reminds me of Riri Boy which I really loved and was unable to get, although they say Up the Amp is a dupe for Riri Boy Up the Amp is not a Matte and I love when these shades have a Matte finish so that too is what drew me into "Dodgy Girl". I exfoliate and treat my lips regularly , so wearing a Matte is never a issue for me.  So if you love(d) Riri Boy this shade should be in your collection too!  You can shop the collection online or at MAC Stores and participating Department Stores . 

Good Luck Happy Thursday!!

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