Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Beauty Routine .. Fabulous finds for $56 or less !


Summer is "unofficially" here with Memorial Day behind us (its now OKAY to wear White ,not that I ever followed that rule..) , and now its totally crucial to gear up and prep our bodies for the warmer months.  I decided to list some of my current favorite suggestions for Summer to help you get beach ready and maintain and ENHANCE your lustrous summer glow. I have separated these items in four groups, which you can read more about below. 

  1. HYDRATE  - H2o is VITAL ! Especially in the summer , we need to stay hydrated at all times,  not only does it improve our skins appearance it helps us stay fit.  I just love the  AQUA VESSEL INSULATED FILTRATION BOTTLE ( Eco Vessel /$39.95) . This amazing bottle filters your water - removing 99.9% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium,  reducing toxic chemicals like DDT, MTBE and arsenic Reduces heavy metals like lead, mercury, copper, chromium 6 and aluminum, reducing microscopic pathogens, reducing chlorine, sediment and dirt. It is also insulated, which keeps your water cool for hours. I love this bottle for outdoors or the gym , even your work bag.  
  2. FIRM , TIGHTEN , SMOOTH & GLOW - Along with a good workout / fitness plan, we also have to work on our bodies.  I love the Mama Mio line , there is something for all of us -  whether we just had a bebe or just need to tighten up a lil here and there.  Skin Tight ($56)  is great to use before using any of the other items , this serum really firms the skin that may have been stretched out. Its designed to snap it back into shape.  Get Waisted ($56)  has been proven to help with tummy bloat, I love using it right after a early morning work out .  Boob Tube with Magic Shimmer ($30) is divine -  The same formula from the original Boob Tube which helps the  Décolletage area look smooth and crinkle - FREE  with a hint of shimmer ( which works great with your summer glow).  See - No - Scar  ($37) targets those scars you'd rather not dare to bare  ( old and new , but used on newly formed marks presents better results) . Great for new Moms who have had c-section deliveries.   Another honorable mention is Sit Tight™ Intense XS Special Super-Strength Body Firming Serum ( Soap & Glory / $38) , this serum is geared towards contouring the body ( reducing the appearance of cellulite) .  Independent user trial results based on self-evaluation of 51 user trial participants after 4 weeks: - 96% said skin looked smoother - 92% said skin looked tighter - 91% said skin felt more moisturized - 89% said skin felt firmer - 87% said skin looked more toned - 81% said thighs appeared more contoured - 83% said the appearance of cellulite on skin was less noticeable - 79% said the appearance of ‘orange peel effect’ was less noticeable .   You have 23 days till June 21 - the Official first day of summer to get it right and tight!! 
  3. PORELESS HIGHLIGHT -  A glow is essential and a MUST in the summer, but a GREASY face is a major faux pas.  We can keep shine to a minimum with the only product of its kind - Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender ($40) . This magic product gives you a matte finish while keeping you fresh-faced , never the dry ashy look that you get with "translucent powders".  If you never used this item, TRUST me it will change your life.  You will be amazed at your poreless appearance.  We still want to have a glow about us , and shine bright like a diamond ( in a sexy way) , highlighter is the best way to go.  I absolutely love Mally Beauty Luxury Size Effortless Airbrush Highlighter ($45) !  I was first introduced to this pot of gold in the Effortless Airbrush Highligher and Blush Duo , and I fell in LOVE with the highlighter - hardly ever using the blush color but always incorporating the highlighter in my makeup routines.  If you are a contour girl, this highlighter will become your BEST FRIEND.  Highlighters are tricky for me as I am on the darker skin tone spectrum and this gives me a golden glow without the disco glitter effect.  Imagine how you will look once you've gotten your summer color ( natural or faux) , and you've lightly dusted this highlighter along the bridge of your nose and other key areas. 
  4. WHITE HAUTE NAILS - I've always thought that white nails were the epitome of chic. White nails stand out even more with a tan. I love Zoya Nail Lacquer in "Purity" ( $8) , it is a beautiful stark- white shade which never goes out of style.  INSIDER PRO MANICURE TIP: For a slender looking nail, manicurist Sunshine Outing suggests not covering all the way to the sides as way to create nails that look slender and sleek.
Let the countdown to June 21st begin , but lets also become the best versions of ourselves in the process ! 

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