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Mon petites, the words Moda Operandi brings such delight to my soul that it's on the brinks of insanity! The uber haute site that allows you to shop straight off the runway (literally - the trunk shows go live in a blink of an eye) for F/W 13 the streets will be alive with the sight of hauteness thanks to this ingenious site. And fear not mon petites, if ordering and waiting for frocks is simply not your thing you can order from the M'O Boutique - it's just as fab. Here's just a few of my fave pieces that were up for grabs... 
Photo Courtesy of Moda Operandi
Ever since the inauguration Thom Browne has been on the lips on nearly every gal and gent in town. But those already in the know - has coveted a piece from his immaculately tailored line for ages now (me being one of them but I digress) and for RTW F/W 13 I for one was literally gobsmacked by the insanely beautiful oeuvre of coats, furs and dresses (oh, my!).  

From Left to Right: THOM BROWNE | LOOK 28  Cube Cape $2,800; Mini Shirtdress $790; THOM BROWNE | LOOK 8  Square Shoulder Coat Dress With Circle Skirt $6,200; THOM BROWNE | LOOK 10  Square Shoulder Double Breasted Coat $22,000; THOM BROWNE| LOOK 18 Square Shoulder Cropped Chesterfield Tux Cape $15,000 ; Circle Skirt $2,650; Square Shoulder Double Breasted Jacket $2,490

Photo Courtesy of Moda Operandi
Wes Gordon, Southern raised NYC based designer is literally what's happening now in fashion. His frocks has adorned Rita Ora, and a slew of other pretty young things which can also be said about his collection which oozed a modern yet 90's take on hauteness. I literally want the entire collection Mr. Gordon - thanks in advance! 

From Left to Right: WES GORDON | LOOK 27 |Filigree Printed Scuba Cascade Column Gown $4,900; WES GORDON |LOOK 7| Topkapi Brocade Skinny Pant $1,690 ; Topkapi Brocade Draped Regent Jacket $4,150 ; WES GORDON | LOOK 3 |Embroidered Ascot Silk Skinny Pant, $850; Lambskin Turban Draped Halter Top, $650; Stretch Wool Cashmere Suiting Layered Tuxedo Jacket, $2,150 ; WES GORDON | LOOK 20 | MEDALLION LACE DRAPED BLOUSE WITH FLOOR LENGTH SWEEP $4,500

F/W 2013 3.1 PHILLIP LIM
Photo Courtesy of Moda Operandi
It's tough, it's sexy, it's everything and more in what I dream of a wardrobe all done by the contemporary design God Philip Lim... need I say more? 

From Left to Right: 3.1 PHILLIP LIM | LOOK 43|Stretch Denim Patchwork Caf Racer Dress $895; French Terry Sonomama Embroidered Sweatshirt $750; 3.1 PHILLIP LIM LOOK 35 | Laundered Cotton Jersey Oversize T-Shirt With Applique Stitch $325 ;  Mongolian Long Hair Patchwork Shearling Coat With Detachable Biker Cuff $3,500 ; Yarn Dye Chenille Double Breasted Blazer $750;  3.1 PHILLIP LIM | LOOK 3 | Merino Marten Blend Boyfriend Cardigan $450 ; Felted Coating Peplum Motorcycle Jacket $950; Embossed Neoprene Pleat Front Short $450; Pinstriped Shirting Cropped Shadow Shirt $395 ; 3.1 PHILLIP LIM |LOOK 18Chalk Stripe Flannel Oversized Trompe L'Oeil Layered Vest $850; Stretch Nappa Leather Striped Kickback Pant $1,300; Stretch Nappa Leather Sonomama Quilted T-Shirt $1,400 

Photo Courtesy of Moda Operandi
If perfection was ever realized when Marc Jacobs & co. presented the RTW F/W 13 Collection. 

From Left to Right: MARC JACOBS | LOOK 51| GREEN OWL SEQUIN MID-LENGTH WRAP COAT $8,900; MARC JACOBS | LOOK 47 | Gold Natural Fox Large Boa $4,000; Bronze Brushed Metal Sequin Cocktail Dress $3,400;   MARC JACOBS | LOOK 42 |  Rose Dyed Fox Collarless Jacket $9,800 ;  Taupe Panne Velvet Tank Dress $1,600 ; MARC JACOBS | LOOK 4 | Large Cocoa Dyed Fox Boa $3,500 ; Cocoa Mini Plaid Lamé Pajama Top $995; Taupe Striped Wool Highwaisted Mini Skirt $695

Photo Courtesy of Moda Operandi
When you mix Jodphur slacks with fur it's always a winner! Case closed. 
From Left to Right: PETER SOM | LOOK 20 | Bonded Metallic Sweater Short Sleeve Top $1,195; Alpaca Coat $3,795 ; Cady Stretch Jodphur $795;   PETER SOM LOOK 11 | Gold Fox Jacket $5,740; Cady Stretch Jodphur $795 ; PETER SOM | LOOK 3 |   Paint Dot Print Crepe De Chine Bustier Dress $1,595; PETER SOM | LOOK 18 | Tie-Dye Fox Coat $5,250 ; Graphic Plaid Twill Pant $745

Photo Courtesy of Moda Operandi

Some girls dream about meeting Mr.Right but if you are like me one dreams of having the most amazing wardrobe and Opening Ceremony produced just that. The F/W 13 collection speaks to the city girl who has Uptown taste with a downtown vibe and it's just works! Now if I can just get my hands on each and every piece I will be a happy girl!

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