Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Destiny Child's Superbowl Hair Looks made EASY with Hair Do !

Destiny's Child during Superbowl Halftime Show

The above mentioned Hair do items can be used to achieve the signature looks from Superbowl Sunday 

Aside from the stellar performance Beyonce along with Destiny's Child put on during the Halftime show,  the hair was something to talk about.  From Kelly's bangs, to Michelle's sleek waves, to Beyonce's golden waves. Hair Do by Hair U Wear has the right (commitment free - all pieces are clip in) pieces to help you tap into your inner "Destinys Child". For Kelly -  you would use the "Clip-In Bangs" ($29) , Michelle the "22-Inch Straight Clip-In Extension" ($99)  - this piece is a heat friendly so you can add subtle waves like Michelle sported on Sunday, for Beyonce,  the "23-Inch Wavy Extension" ($99) - This piece looks just like Beyonce's hair ( if your hair is darker, there is other color options available of course). All of these items are available at Ulta Stores and Ulta.com 

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