Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Celebrity Hair Trends Made Easy by Way of UNITE Hair Care

This season, its all about three signature style made famous on the red carpets, runways, and the big screen : Tousled Beach Waves,  The (Sleek Polished)/ Playful Ponytail, and (my favorite) The Side Braid.  All of the styles mentioned work on ALL hair types, and VERY easy to re-create - making them the official the "go-to" styles for the rest of the summer. According to UNITE Hair Care Founder and Stylist, Andrew Dale, these looks have become increasingly popular because women are always looking for chic hairstyles that look natural and are easy to do. 

Andrew was so generous as to give us instructions (a walk-through) as well as product suggestions to re-create these looks at home.  Read below :

Tousled Beach Waves
(as seen on Christina Milian and Beyonce) 


Expanda Dust

Tricky Lite 

“Starting on damp hair, spritz a detangler throughout strands from root to tip. Look for a detangling spray that will nourish and protect hair from UV rays and damage from heat-styling tools. Try, UNITE 7 Seconds ($26.25: and allow hair to air-dry. Next, create volume and texture that will produce the ‘tousled’ and ‘undone’ look, by using a volumizing product that will not add weight to hair, try UNITE Expanda Dust ($26.25: This translucent powder will dissipate into hair and thicken it, giving body all over. Using a 2 inch curling iron, take random sections and curl alternating from front to back, for a piece-y look. Finish off by using hands to separate the curls so they’re slightly undone, and spray with UNITE Tricky Lite ($31: that will give hold and shine.”

Playful Ponytail
(As seen on Bar Refaeli , and Doutzen Kroes)

Go365 Spray

Boosta Spray

“I love turning up the volume on a basic look like the ponytail because it’s so simple but makes such an impact. To get the look, spray damp hair all over with UNITE’s Boosta Spray ($26.25: that builds overall volume but without residue. Next, blow out hair using a round brush that will continue to build the volume. Once hair is dry, use hands to pull hair up into a ponytail (a brush will only flatten the volume you created), aligning it with the tip of your ears and securing with an elastic band. Smooth any flyaways with the UNITE Go365 Hairspray ($31: that offers 3-in-1 levels of hold.”

Side Braid
(As seen on Rihanna)

Second Day

“This look is a great alternative to wearing hair up for those who have long hair. The braid needs some grip so it doesn’t slip out and come undone. To do this, simply use some of UNITE’s Second Day ($25: to dry hair, which will give a ‘worn’ look while delivering hold for the braid. Next, using fingers, pull hair loosely to the side and separate into three sections. Braid off to the bottom and securing with an elastic band.”

**If you feel that maybe one or all of these styles are "out of your league" because you don't have a head full of long locks, remember - that it is only an "extension" or "ponytail piece" away from being attainable.**
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