Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Wave - Approved Hair Tools

Since I live in NYC, and we've been experiencing a heat-wave with temperature levels through the roof. The beach has been the place of serenity for many of us, but with the combination of the sun, sand, saltwater and the excessive washing your hair more times than average.. Our hair , as well as hair color is at stake. Leave it to mega Beauty Story Rickys NYC to release these new items under signature line "RickyCare"  - which is sooooo on time!!!

One of the cardinal rules , since I can remember talking about my hair has been " You can NOT brush wet hair" , it is said to create breakage  , and has been strongly frowned upon.  Now... that rule is one of the past, with the new RickyCare WET Brushes ($7.99 each) .

These brushes are designed for wet use - shower, beach or poolside ( where we all have been lately) . There is a patented Slot System that locks bristles into the base eliminates the need for glue, which deteriorates over time as it gets wet - which also leads to missing bristles , and snagging of the hair . All of this is no longer an issue with this new system.

As for combs, RickyCare SUN Combs ($5.99) are a Godsend.  This line of combs sole purpose is to protect the color of your hair by preventing fading AND also preventing the ghastly dried out summer
hair texture (i.e. Fried hair). They also help protect hair from the sun’s harmful rays - sort of like "sunscreen combs".


It's so cool and innovative that these combs  ( which come in an variety of sizes) are infused with baked-in sunscreen that reflects harsh sunlight and harmful UV rays. A small amount of olive oil ( I ALSO LOVE the Olive Oil infused comb as well, but that's a story for a different day-) is baked into the plastic to keep hair shiny and frizz free. In this weather , frizz-free hair seems like a unattainable goal, yet with the right tools (i.e. RickyCare SUN Combs) we can actually attain it and more. It is advised to use these special combs prior to sun exposure - mornings , or before you get to the beach, pool, or rooftop soiree , and you can maintain healthy hair all summer.

All of these amazing products are available at and at all Ricky’s NYC store locations

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