Monday, April 18, 2011

Christening Gift Ideas

Cross on Pearls Necklace

With my friends daughter's Christening being a few months away,  her daughter will be receiving hers this upcoming June ( - So this topic is really really dear to me) besides what to wear, where to throw the reception afterwards, etc.. the most urgent thing that comes to mind is this… What would be the perfect gift for the little angel to wear on the baby's special day????? My pick is for christening  jewellery  in this case is something really cute, simple, and fitting for the occasion .  You can opt to gift it to the baby  a few days before, so that he/she  wears it on the day of their Christening  to Church, etc.. You can opt for a really cute Sterling Silver Heart on Pearls Necklace, or a White Topaz Gemstone Cross , or a Cross on a Pearl Necklace , boy items  are the Christening Bangle , and the Alphabet Initial Necklace . There is so many pretty options. I also think these items can be gifted “just cause” as well, some of these pieces can be worn for any occasion - whether that be Birthdays, Christmas , etc.. In a few years some of these same pieces of jewelry can be used again for the "First Communion" . It can be like some sort of keepsake "something old"  that he/ she has that will make the day all the more special.

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