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Celebrity Nail Stylist Collections For Minx Nails

Minx Nails recently launched two Celebrity Nail Stylist collaborations with two of the hottest Nail Stylists : New Yorks very own Lisa Logan , and U.K. 's Marian Newman. “Our goal at Minx is to continually present new and unique nail fashion to our customers,” says Minx co-founder Dawn Lynch-Goodwin. “The Signature Collection lines, created by the crème de la crème in the nail profession, will enable Minx to harness the most exciting, cutting edge nail artistry and present this in a form that is accessible and wearable.” Both collections recently launching last week , April 14, 2011 .

Minx Professional for Marian Newman


Cool Degradé

Hot Degradé


Red Illumination

Spaced Out

Silver Hollows

MN Key

“We have felt honored to work closely with Marian for the past few years and with over 60 British Vogue covers to her credit, it is no surprise that she’s known as the grand dame of high-fashion nails,” said Minx co-founder Dawn Lynch-Goodwin. “This line gives her a chance to showcase her creativity and artistry, and to make her favorite designs available to other nail stylists around the world.”

The eight designs in the Minx Professional for Marian Newman line reflect her work with runway legends such as Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Vivienne Westwood and Givenchy as well as her work with fashion icons including Kate Moss, Lady Gaga,Victoria Beckham and Uma Thurman. Embodying timeless elegance and class, the
collection includes:
Hot Degradé and Cool Degradé: A super chic fade using hot and cool versions that look amazing when layered over a metallic Minx base;
MN Key and Longevity: A logo-esque design created by Marian and a unique design that is personal to the nail stylist, incorporating her science background and her ten years of work experience with Dior;
Silver Hollows and Plunge: Designs that represent altered states and change the curve of the nail with illusions;
Spaced Out and Illumination: Versions of the “moon manicure” with oriental detailing.


Minx Professional for Lisa Logan


Desert Rainbow


Eclipse Transparent

Golden Scales

Happy Dots


Techno Camo  

The new Minx Professional for Lisa Logan line consists of 8 designs, created in collaboration with world renowned New York celebrity nail stylist Lisa Logan. “I’m so incredibly excited to be presenting this line,” says Logan, whose clients include Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Madonna. “I’ve been working with Minx for two years, developing custom designs requested by Beyoncé, by magazine editors, and for top designers,” Logan explains. “To be given the creative freedom to design my very own line is literally a dream come true.”

The Minx Professional for Lisa Logan line reflects the diversity and high energy of Logan’s typical nail clients, and Logan explains that the inspiration for the designs was found within her unique work environment. “When I saw a visual that appealed to me, whether it was backstage at a music concert or on the road to a fashion shoot, I would take a photo and then work with the image to translate it to Minx,” says Logan. “As a result, the designs in this collection are quite eclectic, ranging from the classic symmetry of the Golden Scales Minx design to the funky and fun Techno Camo Minx, and the variety ensures that this collection will appeal to all types of people.”

Selecting Lisa Logan to design the first of the Signature Collections was an easy
decision,” adds Minx co-founder Janice Jordan. “Her designs skillfully reflect the unique New York vibe and as we continue to build the Signature Collection, Minx will bring our customers an unparalleled array of nail fashion infused with fashion sensibility and flair expressed by the top nail stylists from around the globe.”

The Minx Professional for Marian Newman and Lisa Logan lines can be purchased online by nail professionals through the website, and you can request your favorite design from the collection when making your next Minx application appointment.

About Minx, Inc.®

Minx, Inc.® is a private company that extends fashion to your fingertips®. The company’s patented Minx product has rapidly become the premiere fashion accessory for nails and has been worn by countless celebrities and fashion icons. The Minx line includes a wide array of metallics, designer styles, and graphics available to high-end beauty businesses around the world. For more information and a list of salons and spas currently offering Minx, visit

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