Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Party Like It Was 2008 !!!!!!

Early Autumn 2008, post Labor Day the New York elitist Fashionistas and Wall Street Titans they love had no clue what was coming their way. THE RECESSIONISTAS by Alexandra Lebenthal ( no stranger to the New York social scene herself) paints a very vivid picture of the economic crash of 2008 with fabulous fashion references along with extensive financial explanations ( how "Hedge Funds" work, etc...) . This book has made me find interest in the whole Wall Street World ( Hedge Funds,Venture Capital,Private Equity, Stocks and Bonds etc....) because Lebenthal did an impeccable job teaching the reader the ins and outs of this field. It was a crash course to finance along with a sprinkle of W magazine with all the galas, and designer clad women who attended them . Being only her debut novel, I am thrilled to see what else Lebenthal has to offer us. This book was a great marriage between Finance and Fashion and also it was a modern refreshing take on the old tale of " cheaters never prosper" even if it takes a couple of years or months... You would certainly enjoy following these four socialites in this "reversal of fortune" tale.

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