Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bingo is the new Black

As a self proclaimed "serial online shopper" ... I find joy in taking a break from surfing the net for those " hard to get one of a kind items" (i.e. killer shoes, embellished dresses, exotic skin bags,tons of jewels and baubles etc.....) and bask in a bingo play or two. It has become a pastime "in between" shopping ritual. Some people get their kicks from online casinos, I get mines from online bingo . If you ask me bingo is a much more "wholesome" online game to play in comparison to the casino games ( blackjack, online poker, you name it, someone has lost $$$ from it -which then led gamblers into debt!!). I find it very refreshing to step back from a potential impulse buy and place my mind on something else like the latest trends in bingo and fashion as I read some articles between my various rounds of online bingo. I have avoided buying a lot of "wrong" items by playing a great online game and catching up on my who's who of Fashion all the while re-energizing my fashion sense to do some major style collateral damage to my credit card as an extra treat to being a online bingo champion.

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