Monday, October 4, 2010

The Non-Dress ...

Although I am fan of dresses of all kinds, but sometimes you have to mix it up a little. What better way to do it than to keep the femininity of a flirty dress with a tunic or embellished top.
Embellished Tops are the perfect non-dress ( I should probably use another choice of words, because some would actually wear a top as a dress... but for the masses - Tunics are still the non-dress), you have the girlishness of a dress but the comfort of wearing only a top - giving you the option to change the style even further. Tops like the one pictured above, can be paired with jeans , or pants, or even leggings and can easily translate from day to night with the swapping of shoes (pretty flats switch to some killer heels) and accessories (perhaps very minimal for day - basic solitaire studs, a simple ring , and more additions for night - bigger earrings, a ton of bangles or bracelets, statement rings. ). Even a change in make up : eyes (minimal neutrals in the day, and the addition of more color for night and more mascara.) lipcolor ,(light for day, and a dark red shade for "after-work") can make all the difference.

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