Friday, September 3, 2010

Now Hollywood has a whole new meaning

There is the "Red Carpet Makeup", "Hollywood hair extensions" , the "Hollywood Diet" , "Red Carpet Treatment" you name it, there is a more glamorous version to a beauty service with the infamous town attached to it. We all gravitate towards these services and trends simply because the association of "Hollywood" makes you think its superior than the rest. "If its good enough for the starlets of the silver screen , why not for us ??" - is what most people think to themselves. Some of us are extreme to the point that we only want to use products used by the celebrities - a bit extreme in my personal opinion , but whatever makes one happy I guess. Now the same goes to the world of waxing with the new sensation called the Hollywood Wax - where its described in two simple words: "all gone". According to some wax specialists the "Hollywood Wax" is all the rage in Spas all over , and its making clients say "Brazil who??". Sort of the same way way we feel towards shaving. So the next time you are up for another "Brazilian" service with your favorite esthetician , scratch that thought and request the new "Hollywood Wax" !!!

Happy Waxing !!!

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