Thursday, July 15, 2010

Make a Statement This Summer : Statement Dresses

1. The act of stating or declaring.
2. Something stated; a declaration.
3. Law A formal pleading.
4. An abstract of a commercial or financial account showing an amount due; a bill.
5. A monthly report sent to a debtor or bank depositor.
6. Computer Science An elementary instruction in a programming language.
7. An overall impression or mood intended to be communicated, especially by means other than words: Glass, exposed beams, and antiques were combined to create a strong decorative statement.

Summer is not over just yet..... There's still time to make a impact on your wardrobe with the latest trend : Statement Dresses. As seen all over the red carpets, nightclubs, and in the hottest cities around the world,these styles of party dresses are all the rage!!! Whether embellished with pretty ruffles along a one sided shape, or layered with sheer layers of fabric which cascades along the dress in a ruffle style - there is a look to be worn. Statement Dresses are more ideal for night looks, although if you're bold or part of the Fashion Brave, you can try this look for day. The perfect pairing with these dresses can be either over the top or subtle. For an high glam approach - tons of accessories , Glam hair and make up is the way to go. This look would work more with the Black Dress pictured above. For a more subtle approach - more suitable with the Red Hot number above- natural make up , minimal accessories , and a pretty and polished hair style would be ideal. There you have it ... Statement Dresses !

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