Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashionable Accessories for your Laptop

During NYFW , so many Fashionistas, and even the mini-Fashionistas in training ( the under 15 kind, who are EXPERTS before they even reach puberty) need instant access to document their views and opinions on the oh so fabulous pieces viewed during this magical week. What better way to differentiate yourself from the pack with laptop accessoriesYou can choose from a laptop bag , to a macbook case , or any other accessory your pretty little heart desires!. GearZap.com offers a plethora of brands ( like the BlueFly.com for your laptop and netbook) from Hard Candy to Toshiba.

Hard Candy Bubble Shell Case

This is one of my favorite styles of cases, not only because it is my beloved PINK, but these cases are beyond durable and can withstand a great deal of traction. I love that it breathes life into the appearance of your laptop / macbook. It is highly suggested as a MUST have accessory !!!! It also comes in other colors as well, for those who are not big fans of pink accessories. No matter what color you choose , you are sure to stand out with these futuristic cases that are so yummy!

Aluminum Foldable Laptop Desk Stand

This is perfect for those times when you want to use your webcam to speak to your BFF across the Atlantic Ocean or while you're at work on a photo shoot at a remote beach location and there's no table - because you're surrounded by sand only , and you just , you MUST have a sturdy platform to write on.. This is PERFECTO !!!!!!!!! I really like this item, because it is such a lightweight, convenient product that has millions of uses.

In short GearZap.com is the perfect solution to aesthetics as well as function for laptop accessories !!!

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