Friday, January 22, 2010

Louise Galvin .. Another Reason to Love Being Green

Mothers to Be Line

Shampoo For Thick or Curly Hair

Shampoo for Fine Hair

Body Care Line

As a HUGE fan of all products green ( I've featured so many green products, from Nails to Body, to even Shopping Bags!!) , I am excited about UK's first Carbon Neutral Beauty Company - hair care products by Louise Galvin.

Here is Louise Galvin's stance on reducing the Carbon Foot Print :
The Carbon Neutral Company and the CarbonNeutral programme works to help make a difference in preserving the environment by neutralising the carbon dioxide emissions made by businesses and individuals. By investing in the Carbon Neutral Company, Louise Galvin is able to offset any carbon emissions made in the manufacture of her hair care products.

The product range is extensive , from Hair care - Thick , Curly , Fine hair options. It has been proven that there are certain chemicals one MUST stay away from , and unfortunately so many products contain these harsh chemicals. (For more information , check out ECO-Beautiful, that book has open my eyes to a lot in terms of Beauty Products). It's a relief that more hair companies are getting on board with the Green Movement.
There is even a line specific to Mothers to be - a period where its very crucial what chemicals / ingredients come in contact with your body ( internal and externally). We are so lucky we live in a age where these products are available. When our mothers was expecting, there was no Green Nail Lacquer, let alone beauty products specific to them expecting !!!
My favorite of them all, a Body (Skin care line) - I am a big fan of all natural products for the skin. I am a firm believer in what you eat/put on your body reflects in your skin. I am a big fan of clear skin - as most people should be.. I love that this is one more option for us to preserve and care for our skin !!!
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