Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wedding Season Essentials

Wedding Season is here, and we all know that Perfection doesn't come overnight.... Or does it ???

Essie 2008 Bridal Collection is a perfect choice for all Brides-to-Be, Bridesmaids, or Potential Bouquet Winners!!! I really love "no pre-nup" , it's the perfect shade of pink.

Osmotics Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin C Patches (to be used a few weeks before the big day of course!!) this is perfect for the over 25 Lolita's who want to look just as great- if not greater than their younger counterparts.

FHI .75 inch Curling Iron I am a big fan of the waves look ( think of all the Silver Screen Starlets of the past) . Since the barrel is smaller in size, it makes a tighter curl - which will hold longer, and if they do decide to drop by the end of the night, you'll still have a pretty wave pattern.

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