Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Packing Light

These are a few items from the fabulous CARGO cosmetics brand that I think every Dèesse should not leave home without.... I love that the brand is titled CARGO , yet the items are so weightless, you can carry them anywhere.

I love this pencil !!! It gives you all the benefits of a great lip liner, without the awkward "lip liner" lines. It's great for those who want a simple flawless lip. It gets my seal of approval.

Since my eyes are not doe-shaped , (but they are just as pretty.. just not wide) I love any products that can give me the "bright -eyed" look in a matter of seconds. Especially after a long night, this EyeLighter will work wonders.

Daily Gloss
Do I need to say anything??? Lip Gloss that is so compact you will never have to worry about having enough space in your purse again! It also comes in cute colors that would look darling on all skin tones.

All CARGO products are available at Sephora stores, and


Anonymous said...

I want that-nobody better ask me for a lip gloss package though!!!

Anonymous said...

I know that's right!!!

Anonymous said...

Its so cute-looks like lil ol'candy drops.

Anonymous said...


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