Monday, September 17, 2007

It's All In The Dryer

Let's be real.. We can't sport "beach hair" in October !!! Especially if you live in NYC !!!! Although it's tempting, we have to get with the FALL 2007 BEAUTY program!!!
One of my current hair obsession's is the
Sedu Xti Ultrasilent Hair Dryer (pictured, left) !!! This dryer gets my hair dry as well super straight without the annoying "blow dryer noise" in a shorter amount of time than it usually takes me to blow dry my hair. I also found that this dryer has become an essential tool for me when styling my newly cut hair ( I got a lot of layers cut two weeks ago). I have definitely learned how to maintain my style at home. I was able to get a few words from Richard BenBassett, (Vice President of American Beauty Supply) , and this is what he had to say:

“The foundation of any great hairstyle is always the haircut,” explains Richard BenBassett, Vice President of American Beauty Supply. “But after the cut, it’s your hair dryer that prolongs that fresh-from-the-salon style. The Sedu Xti series is made with the best Italian technology and features 100% crushed tourmaline - a semi-precious gemstone known for its negative ion properties - to deliver faster drying time and extreme softness.”

You can purchase the Sedu Xti Ultrasilent Hair Dryer at .

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