Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sizzlin' Hot Tresses

Its officially summer now, and sexy hair matter now more than ever. We don't have the big winter hats, or the snow, or the cold to blame for un-attractive hair.

In this heat, we need something that can make our tresses :
stick-straight.. sans le frizz (like model Liya Kebede , pictured below left)

As well as overflowing with bouncy curls and waves..
sans le frizz ( like model Oluchi Onweagba, pictured below right. )

Of course I have the solution.. The Sedu Flat Iron !!
It's already has rave reviews from the top experts from A to Z. Now I'm giving it my kiss of approval MUAZZZ !!!!!

For my fellow Deesse's out there from Port-au-Prince to Lyons to Fort- de- France to South Beach to my beloved NYC ... This Iron can straighten anyone and EVERYONES hair !!! sans dommage ( without damage for my francais challenged pals)

I absolutely love this Iron, because it makes my hair ( I have thick relaxed hair) , super straight, and extremely smooth.. and might I add that American Beauty Supply, manufacturer of the Sedu brand of Flat Irons and Hair Dryers, has announced the launch of a new line of sprays devoted to protecting out tresses from the heat called :
The Sedu Heat Protecting Boost line .

The Sedu Heat Protecting Boost line is constructed of a unique
formulation containing Crodosone W wheat proteins that, when activated by heat
provides healthy protection from heat styling. This healthy heat protection
transforms even the most unruly hair into a salon looking, frizz-free style.
Each Sedu Heat Protecting Boost leaves hair looking healthy, and adds an
incredible shiny, long lasting frizz-free finish.

I can sit here and give you all the info on this great product line, but I am going to do something even better, I'm going to give you the info straight from the source !!!! ( I told you Dèesse Magazine was back! and I've been working to get you only the best info)

I was able to speak to the Vice President of American Beauty Supply Richard BenBassett (this man know's what he is talking about ladies... listen up!!) , and this was what he had to say about the Sedu Product Lines :
  • BOOST ITEMS pictured below (from left, Sedu Volumizing Boost, Sedu Flat Iron Cleaner
Sedu Color Protecting Boost)

“Women love their flat irons, hair dryers and curling irons,” explains Richard
BenBassett, Vice President of American Beauty Supply. “But heat styling tools
soften the keratin, which is the principal protein in hair. Excessive heat
causes the hair to weaken, become brittle, and eventually break off”. The Sedu
Heat Protecting Boost line was developed to work in conjunction with these
higher temperatures. Activated by heat, they provide intense conditioning while
protecting the hair from the high temperatures of heat styling tools.

  • TOURMALINE AND FLAT IRONS (pictured, below)

“Advanced technology has enabled today’s woman to create every imaginable look from sexy smooth to silky curls with a flat iron,” explains Richard BenBassett,
Vice President of American Beauty Supply. “The enormous popularity of flat irons now leaves professional hairdressers with an ever growing selection of irons from which to choose. The various choices however, seem to bring an increasingly more expensive selection of flat irons.” “You see, when millions of tiny particles of Tourmaline are added to the plate surface of a flat iron the benefits to the hair are astounding. Tourmaline generates negative ions that enhance the texture of the hair and also produces far-infrared heat that effectively dries the hair from the inside out. This makes the excessive heat generated by the iron far less damaging to the hair,” says BenBassett. “Another drawback of flat irons with aluminum plates is that a hairdresser must often go over one section several times to smooth the hair strands, increasing the styling time for each client. Irons with Tourmaline plates allow you to get a smooth look much faster, allowing you to move on to your next appointment and generate more revenue in less time,” says Richard.

For more information, please go to Sedu Beauty , and to make a purchase go to Folica's website.


Anonymous said...

I've been hearing about this Sedu Iron from all over, maybe its worth trying out

Anonymous said...

I have give Sedu a try. I need a good flat iron that can get the kinks out and heat protection.

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