Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dèesse Spotlight On.....

Infenkili click here

This African line hailing out of the U.K. that I happened to find out about thanks to another blog
(thanks Bella!! from Bella Naija)

These dresses/tunics when paired with some jeans
(pictured, above) are tres jolie for the summer.. Whether they are paired with flat sandals for a stroll in Prospect/ Central Park, or even for a beach party. Also you can pair them up with some gold/ or silver pumps , or even some bejeweled stilettos for a night out with your girls..

They also make footwear (pictured, above) , which I just think are too cute!!

I love that there is a African line thats taking a modern spin on a classic staple in their culture..

Three Bissous (muah! muah! muah!) of approval from Dèesse!!!!!


Anonymous said...

you better work!

Anonymous said...

I like... It looks GOOOOD

Anonymous said...

Is this going to be available in the states?

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