Tuesday, February 9, 2021

B.A.G.S ( Beauty and Grooming Safe-Space) Presents : #MCM Mens Grooming V-Day Edition 2-8-21

This week's MCM was really special since the topic of the night was Valentines Day routines . It was pretty interesting to hear from a Man's perspective how he tackles getting ready for a big event.  

The most common theme that was repeated by different men during the night was beard care.  The majority of responses were that the main focus will be their beards this weekend.  

The second top rated item was cologne. After the year we had hardly dressing up and going out ,  a lot of men are actually excited to get themselves together and whip out that expensive cologne to wear even if its for a date night at home.  

Besides that ,  everyone is keeping the same routine.  

A great tip I mentioned to consider to add to the prep process to use a sheet mask while getting ready , and if its a couple that lives together why not make it a couples mask night prep. 

Masks with Hyaluronic Acid  are always a good choice. 

Top Product Suggestions this week : 

A special treat , Fashion Hair Stylist extraordinaire , Karl T. Payton shared his skincare routine in its exact order : 

I totally love Karls input on every chat he's taken part of.  Not only does he know his stuff, but he's just fun to speak to - which is so needed right now more than ever. I look forward to Karl participating in more B.A.G.S. chats !  

Our next chat is all about the ladies tomorrow for #WCW: Womens Cosmetic-Crush Wednesday V-Day Edition.  To join and to stay informed click here 

I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day , and as always Stay Hydrated , Healthy and Safe ! 

Jeannie xo 


PepperAnne G. said...

Great article! I'm new to clubhouse but I will for sure check out your room. Question can woman follow Karl's skincare routine?

Charly said...

This tips are 🔥

Christina Porter said...

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