Friday, May 3, 2019

70s VIBES with Individual Lashes.

I am a LASH girl for sure , and what I love is the various options we have from strips to individuals or even permanent ones ( if thats your preference).  My mood changes on what type of lashes I'd like to wear , so permanent are not for me.  I love the way I can have light long and wispy one day , and dramatic lashes the next.  

The above photo shows me in a dramatic separated sexy style.  I wanted to achieve a 70s ( think Donna Summer / Diana Ross) lash effect, to compliment my makeup and outfit.  
This particular look called for me to play with lenghts , density and volume.   I used trios by iEnvy by Kiss  , standard medium / long individuals by Kiss Lash Couture , and lastly really short light individuals by House of Lashes  on my lower lash line.  Lower lash extensions just do something to the eyes -  if you ever needed a boost to feel sultry / sexy try adding lashes to your lower lash line!  

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