Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Blog Update !!!!

There has been a huge hiatus on my end with updating this blog.  Some of the time away from Blogging was personal , as I did not feel inspired - and also because finding the right work / life / blog balance was just plain hard.

A lot of my product reviews and features have been done on my Instagram page last year and then when the Insta Stories "became a thing" - it has been insta-Blogging heaven for me.  I do want to apologize to all of my readers who may not be Insta - Savy and have been missing all of my cool Insta-Content. 

Although it is a struggle,  I am determined for the new year to be consistent to being true to the blog,  as it has been around for YEARS!  I have been Blogging / Beauty Writing / Digital Content Creating / whatever you want to call it - long before it became this massive machine it is now..  I want to keep my true voice out here for you all to enjoy as you always did. 

So  look forward to some great amazing content coming your way. 
Also make sure that you are following my INSTAGRAM - @jenlaprincesse

Happy New Year !!!  May we make 2018 a great one !  

1 comment:

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