Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Beauty in LEMONADE

To no surprise the visuals from Beyonce's latest release LEMONADE were breathtaking.   Beyonce had her Glam Dream Team Sir John Barnett on Makeup , and Kim Kimble on hair and I am just in awe ( as usual ).

To re-create this look , all you would need is some synthetic hair ( you can find them at any local beauty supply store).  This is a quick , easy , fabulous Summer hair store . 


DISCLAIMER : Beyonce is not being "on trend" with these Cornrows -  she ( like the rest of us Women of Color) have been sporting braids since forever . Check her old Destiny's Child videos for reference.. 

I love the Blonde Cornrows with the baby hair - perfect Spring / Summer time hair style.  


  I have always been a fan of big hair and this hair was everything and more .  


Skin is always in , and Sir John mentioned in a past article he likes to use eye cremes for the whole face for his clients to keep their skin in tact.  As you can see here she's FLAWLESS.  If you want to try your hand at Sir John's method some eye cremes I would highly suggest are Tarte  Maracuja C- Brighter eye treatment , or Boots Botanics Organic Hydrating Eye Cream .  You can finish re-creating this look with a nice neutral rose matte lip color and emphasis on filling in / grooming the brows. 


First I'd like to add I've been wanting these Maasai Beaded Collar necklaces for years -  I love Kenyan jewelry .

Glossy lids ( a Beyonce staple since the beginning of her solo career she's been known to have a glossy lid look) , bold brows and Tribal adornments down the center of the face making it the focal point of the look.  You can use literally any white pencil to re create this ( Wet n Wild You're Always White Liner  or  Colourpop Exit Liner are some inexpensive options.  and some highlighter on the top lip . You could always skip the white Tribal Designs altogether and make this your signature Summer Look.  The long braids are a nice finishing touch.


This eye look is more toned down than the previously mentioned look.  This eye is completely neutral and matte.  The Tribal makeup was a bit elaborate around the eye so it makes perfect sense that this look has a more bare base.  Kim gave her sectioned pig tails - which you can re create easily with some elastics .  

Both of the above looks would be perfect for a Festival like Afro Punk .


 Beyonce has worn this same beauty look in some of her previous videos such as "Jealous" .

"Jealous" Music Video

 I think its safe to say its one of her favorite looks . The face is kept minimal and the lip is dark and bold.  The hair is pulled up into a messy up-do . I love that she is wearing Ankara fabric.  


Blue Ivy's First Birthday

Turban / Headwrap whatever term you prefer is very much a "Hair Style" in its own right.  Love that she included one in her looks.  We also see a clip of Blue Ivy's first birthday where she's wearing on as well - so Beyonce like the rest of us Women of Color is a fan of the Turban.  If you want to go for it , you can check out Famn Djanm  for a various array of  styles to choose from.  Ironically "Famn Djanm" is Kreyol for "Strong Woman" and I think Beyonce more than fits the title . 

I honestly loved every single look but I would be here all day discussing them -  these above captured my attention the most.  Hope you enjoyed !

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