Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sexy Skin for Spring + Celebrity Makeup Artist Secret Weapons .

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The weather is finally warming up here in NYC , and slowly I've been able to peel away at my many layers of clothing.  Usually , I have been one to shave year round but with the Cruel Winter we just had here in the Northeast that just was not happening.  Since I will be soon saying so long to my opaque tights and wearing more skin baring items,  I have to shed my layer of hair on my legs that has been keeping me warm.  I'm not one for waxing my legs ( I've never tried my legs , always felt like it would be too much ) , but I love the quick option of shaving.  Believe it or not I love the disposable options,  1-  they're affordable  2- they get the job done 3- they honestly perform better than their high end counterparts.  Honestly ,  I've tried a lot and disposable will always be a winner with me ( for reference my hair is dark and and grows in long ) .  Cost effective and gets the job done , a Win-Win situation.

From left : BIC Soleil Glow Razor , BIC Flex 5 for MEN, BIC Simply Soleil Click, BIC Soleil Glow Razor,  BIC Flex 5 for MEN, BIC Soleil Glow Razor 

Here are a few of my favorite options :   BIC Simply Soleil Click (1/SRP $6.99) -  This razor comes with six 3-blade cartridges ( it's like 6 razors for the price of one).  I love this razor for traveling too.
Then we have the BIC Soleil Glow Razor (3/SRP $7.49) - perfect for the sensitive types , it comes with a comfort shield ( I have to admit I sometimes remove this to "get deep down and dirty" with my shaving. ) .  Lastly , for the girls who may be a bit hairier than most ( my sisters in the struggle)  the New BIC Flex 5 for Men (2/SRP $6.79) - yes its for Men , but we can use it too. This razor has 5 flexible blades which provide a REALLY close shave, and some of us ladies need the extra assistance.  I personally would start out my Spring / Summer routine with the Flex 5 , since I have excess hair to remove  then proceed throughout the Spring and Summer with the Simply Soleil Click and Soleil  Glow,

*** A insider tip  from Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist  Alex La Marsh ***

I was lucky to attend a Men's Grooming class / demo during IMATS NY  taught by Alex La Marsh, and one valuable lesson I learned is that I need to keep disposable Men's razors ( disclaimer - she did not list / name any particular brand or style just disposable razor)  in my professional Makeup Kit for Male Clients / Models.  Some times the shoot will call for Men to be clean shaven , and you need to be prepared in case he may need to quickly shave his face on set.   So being that these razors are very effective as well as inexpensive,  I will be stocking up on them for work as well.

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