Friday, April 17, 2015

8 hours of sleep in a bottle - VOLANTÉ’s Transformative Eye Crème

Life sometimes gets in the way , and although we may want to get a full night of sleep - its not always that easy.  I can attest to that myself.  My little secret to ALWAYS looking refreshed and bright eyed ( when I really felt like anything but) has been  one thing - Eye Creme.  My current obsession is the Volante Skincare Transformative Eye Creme.  It does come with a hefty price tag at being $85 , but a little goes a VERY long way and it really is worth the investment.  I am a self proclaimed Makeup Snob, but I make a point to invest the time in a great skincare regimen .  This Eye Creme has 7 Vitae , which is a patent-pending blend of botanicals that comprise the most potent anti-inflammatory (anything anti inflammatory is a  MUST for under eyes) topical available without a prescription.
 Especially as we get older its much more vital.  Sleep is the best beauty routine , I will never say this will replace actual rest -  BUT  this Eye Creme really does improve the appearance of my delicate eye area despite my sleep deprivation.  My sleep routine has improved some but this is still in my regimen.  I love to use it before I apply my makeup -  the best thing to do is make sure it sets first then continue with your application.  I've noticed my under eye makeup does not crease and settle as much as it once was.  I love it at night before bed,  ( always make sure to use the ring finger , it is the most gentle).  I've been meaning to review this from about two Months ago, again I said  REAL life get in the way , but better late then never !  For more information , please check out .

Skin is In !  Take the best care of it ! 

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