Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rise by Beyonce ...... My First Impressions

Beyonce Rise Eau De Parfum  ( 1.7 FL oz / $44) is the latest addition to her collection of fragrances.  In her own words Beyoncé said  "The spirit of RISE encourages women to be all that we are,”.  Rise is described as a rich and intoxicating luminous floral that leaves a lasting impression. Also as the scent of empowerment, which features Beyoncé’s favorite flower, the Orchid. 

What I got from Rise was a very clean citrusy scent.  It reminds me of being on the beach , very summery type of scent.  My honest opinion is that this would not be on my top list of perfumes to get for myself.  I was a bit disappointed in this scent honestly -  I have to give an HONEST opinion.  I was expecting this to be so much more. I generally don't like the floral / citrus / fruity scents.  So yes "Rise" encouraged me to be who I am , and that is a woman who knows what types of scents suits her best , and sorry Bey  as much as I want to LOVE this parfum ,  its just "ok".  If you are a girl who loves citrus / floral scents , "Rise" is the right scent for you !!  

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