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For most of us we are still recovering from indulging in a season's worth of Christmas eggnog, Valentine's Day chocolate, and the endless amounts of New Years Day bubbly, almost all of us have gained a couple pounds—and are more than a little bloated. That food mon petites,  will take some extra work at the gym, but in the meantime,let's all work on enriching our lifestyles overall and Voli Light Vodka is here to help. The low caloric libation's sole purpose is to help us indulge without compromising our waistline and even better Voli LIght Vodka wants us to live the best life possible (not just at cocktail hour!).  
photo courtesy of Voli Light Vodka
Voli Light Vodka has introduced the ''Drink This, Not That'' initiative to advocate that we can indulge in a cocktail and still maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. With Voli Light Vodka this mon petites is possible! Voli Light Vodka clocks in at one-third fewer calories then most brands and is just as decadent! 

To celebrate this new movement yours truly has partnered with Voli Light Vodka in the ''Drink This, Not That'' Giveaway - one uber lucky winner will receive: 
  • Voli Light Vodka Gym Tote
  • Voli Light Vodka  Towel
  • Sports Watch
  • Voli Light Vodka cocktail shaker
  • A 2 Week FREE Trial Membership To A CRUNCH GYM NEAR YOU (Transportation will not be included)

photo courtesy of Voli Light Vodka
The Voli Light Vodka Swag - Will you be the winner?
Now while we wish we could gift you all with this ultra fab prize there will be only one winner. In lieu of this we have a few Haute Body tips (from Allure) to keep you all fit and sexy for the impending Bikini season. Good luck to all the entrants and remember drink responsibly!! 


Say NO to salt. Sodium—including the kind found in processed foods like microwave products and canned soup—is one of the biggest bloating culprits because it makes your body retain water. Eat fresh ingredients, and try seasoning your meals with fresh herbs instead. 

Faux is OUT. You're probably avoiding sugar after that entire box of chocolate you had last week, but the artificial sweeteners found in sugar-free gum and diet sodas contain sugar alcohols like sorbitol, mannitol, and lactitol that are difficult for the stomach to digest, causing an excess of air and bloating.

Sip on H20. Natural diuretics, in solid or liquid form, can help flush bloating. Some great options: coconut water, green tea, and vegetables with a high water content like asparagus, cucumber, and fennel. Dietician Lauren Slayton also suggests cranberry juice, but to avoid the added sugar, she recommends only the unsweetened kind, mixed with four parts water.

Start Sweating. Sweating alone won't flush bloat, but exercises that focus on your abdomen, like yoga and twists, work your internal organs and can help you digest your meals more easily.

Pop it. Even if you aren't intolerant, food sensitivities to things like lactose or gluten can lead to bloating. If you think that might be the case, experiment with supplements like Lactaid or Beano, and see if the swap makes a difference.

Now it's Your Turn. Tell us your Haute Body Do's in the comments below! 

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