Thursday, February 7, 2013

NYFW is here!!! Rickys NYC has got you covered!!! $25 or less !

Whether you're a Model, PR Girl, Fashion or Beauty Editor, or just a Fabulous Fashionista attending the shows/ events, you're aware that NYFW is all about the hustle and bustle from show to show.  That leaves no time for error.  I can't even say I have a favorite item here as all of these are NEEDED.  Especially the no - crease clips --  you want to keep your hair in place while traveling, but once you get to the show you DON'T want an unsightly line (dent) in your perfect do'. Another honorable mention are the Heel Grips  and Fashion Tapes-  a backstage staple ( when shoes may be a bit too big , and wearing a low cut dress or shirt and would prefer not to have a wardrobe malfunction).  Current temperatures in NY have been nothing short of friendly to us lately but you still want to wear those leather shorts you had saved JUST for NYFW -  no sweat !  Pair shorts or a skirt or dress with these uber cute tights which are under $10 ( a steal!)  I love the no snag elastics , as at times I like to switch my hair from being loose to a quick impromptu pony or the other way around and these make that easy without the painful snags and shedding of the hair. Rickys NYC has been the beauty go-to for ages, and I just love that they make products that have mutual benefits -  like the No Frizz Rake Comb - which you can tease your hair while infusing it with the built in Olive Oil complex to eliminate Frizz . All these items can be purchased online or at your local Rickys NYC  ( which are all over the place so if you run into a jam your instant - fix is just a cab ride away! ) 

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