Thursday, February 7, 2013

{As Seen On La Petite Blog} That's Why The Lady Is A VAMP!

You've seen her before - we have all seen her:  the VAMP , an effervescent creature who enters the room and captivates us all. Like the mythological nymph her beauty is  undeniable, her presence is spellbinding and no one can escape her allure. The VAMP comes in many forms and we here at LPB want to celebrate them all! So Ladies (and Gents) have a seat and luxuriate in the world of the VAMP - be amazed mon petites... AMAZED! 

Elaine Irwin  
Photographed by Sheila Metzner, Vogue, 1991

Bright like the sun The GOLDEN Vamp shines on all who are lucky enough to be encapsulated by her subtle warmness. Not just tow-heads (all Blondes are NOT created equal - that's another post!) the Golden Vamp radiates beams of pure beauty that is truly captivating. 

How To Spot Her: How can you not? She blinds you with her rays of ravishing beauty, confidence and her gold accents compliment everything about her! 

Get Vamp'ed: Add a Midas touch to your wardrobe and get your pretty hands on some 24k worthy pieces. Gold is a one neutral tone that works on any and everyone. 
Photographed by Ishimuro, Vogue, 1977

We are all Inner Vamps! It's those nights where you want to walk around your home in your highest, sexiest heels, when you just want to luxuriate on your bed in your barely there négligée or that Monday morning where you wear that sexy bra under your work outfit unbeknownst to the world just for your own pleasure. The Inner Vamp is indulgent and knows how to make herself feel and look beautiful just for herself alone - you just gotta love that! 

How To Spot Her: Just look in the mirror. 

Get Vamp'ed: Building your lingerie closet will surely help as is knowing your proper bra size but getting vamp'ed internally really just starts by looking in the mirror (prefably in the buff) and loving every part of you. Take a moment and just relish in the hautness that you are. Instead of wearing sweats to bed invest in a beautiful piece of lingerie and just make yourself beautiful just to go to sleep. Trust us , you will wake up with a smile on your face.

Du Juan, Tao Okamoto, Hyun Yi Lee, Yyoni Kang, Liu Wen, Bonnie Chen, So Young Kang, and Lily Zhi.
Photographed by Steven Meisel, Vogue, 2010

Just because Gossip Girl ended does not mean we can still have opulence in our lives! If you are like me then you just love the drama that comes with Pomp & Circumstance the Opulent Vamp is the one. Overdressing is the only option for this dame, gowns are a standard as are jewels that will make even the Queen lust after. 

How To Spot Her: She is usually in the Society pages in the Newspaper. Her calendar is filled with endless charity events and more then likely Derek Blasberg is a good girlfriend. She loves a dress above all things and is not scared to strut her stuff in a frock that weighs more then her! 

Get Vamp'ed: For each and every occasion overdress - it's just that simple. Now mon petites don't go around looking like Miss Havisham but wear a big puffy frock and don't care. Flood yourself with jewels throw on a fur coat (faux or real - we prefer the latter - don't judge us!) and hit the town. 

Helena Christensen
Photographed by Peter Lindbergh, Vogue, 1991

Like a lion to it's prey the Fierce Vamp is a force to be reckoned with. Vapidity  does not exist in her world. She takes a firm stance and that is being a woman without apologies. She's a girl's girl but men will be inspired by her gusto - she'll never go down without a fight!

How To Spot Her: Like a gust of wind , the Fierce Vamp needs no introduction, or pleasantries for that matter. She isn't a brut  - she is a woman that knows exactly what she wants and she looks like it too! She loves the mixture between chic and street which she pulls off amazingly. Just don't get in her way and it's all good! 

Get Vamp'ed: Add leather to your wardrobe, mix textures, silhouettes and accessories. With the Fierce Vamp it's a combination between rugged and sensual which sums up a woman anyway so it's an easy fete! 

Shalom Harlow
Photographed by Irving Penn, Vogue, 1996

She's the friend that looks perfect after getting caught in a thunderstorm, her hair never seems to get frizzy and her clothes while it's not the most ostentatious she is glamorous in the truest sense of the word. 

How To Spot Her: We all know her (some of you just might be her) she is The One female who just always seems to pull 'it' off. From her flawless skin to that magical way she smiles at you the Effortless Vamp is the epitome of self awareness that sums up her undeniable beauty. 

Get Vamp'ed: The effortless Vamp is just that - effortless. She knows herself and wears her confidence boldly. To get vamp'ed just be the very best version of yourself and no matter what you wear from loose cardigans to your favorite skinny jeans where it with ease and my friend you are well on your way. 

Cindy Crawford
Photographed by Sheila Metzner, Vogue, 1992

Sultry Vamps are forces of nature inhabiting this world with such seductive flair one needs to catch one's breath just to experience the allure of the Vamp.  

How To Spot Her:  First things first: vulgar she is not! The Sultry Vamp owns the room when she enters. She’s not just noticed, she attracts the attention of everybody and is sexy in an organic way that never offends or comes off tawdry.

Get Vamp'ed: Sultry Vamps knows how to accentuate their shape - it's actually an art form the way these Vamps can adorn their body to epic proportions. To get Sultry Vamp'ed acclimate yourself with your body - zone in on your favorite attribute and play it up. Sultry Vamps invest in themselves and the ROI is truly priceless! 

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