Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bootcamp for Tummies anyone????

Post - Holiday Bulge is a stranger to no one. The great news is that you can say Auf  Wiedersehen to some inches in 30 days with this three-step system titled : Bootcamp For Tummies by Skincare Mastermind Brand Mama Mio  ($99) .  ( Boobtube is a great product that I LOVE from them as well.)

The three step system is as follows -

Step 1: Skin Tight™ Toning Serum  helps lift, tighten and tone This body care breakthrough brings facial peel technology to the body, exfoliating, tightening, and moisturizing for firm, toned skin.  

Step 2: Get Waisted™ Body Shaper rehab for abs Packed with nine clinically tested waist-sliming ingredients to help flush out fat, eliminate puffiness and give a more defined, tighter appearance. 
Step 3: Your 4-minute exercise program Developed by fitness trainer Julie Tupler, RN, the Tupler Technique exercises develop abs to act like a corset by pulling in your potbelly, redefining your waist and strengthening your back. There is virtually no reason why these exercises can not be done given that they can be done from anywhere and take less time than a phonecall with a girlfriend about the sale currently taking place at your favorite boutique.  What I also love about this system besides it being only 4 minutes of my day...... NO Crunches !!!! , who really ever enjoys doing them? This system explains why so many people do hundreds of crunches, and hardly sees the results they want. 

Keep in mind, this bootcamp regimen does not promise to give you washboard abs- that only comes with hard work and dedication ,BUT this 30-day system has been proven to give you noticeable results, and it is a fool proof ( as well as pain proof) way to get your abs in gear.  Check out www.mamamio.com for more info.  

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