Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter 2011 Collections by Zoya Nail Lacquer Individual Color Breakdown

Zoya Nail Polish presents 3 new jewel toned metallic shimmer polishes and 3 glitzy, glitter glazes (featuring unique bar glitter)  in the Gems & Jewels Collection.  All six shades add the right amount of holiday cheer to your nails - from the jeweled toned colors to the mega watt bar glitter shades.


Rina can be best described as: A unique bar glitter in a bright shamrock green with hologram glitter accents.


Holly can be best described as: A rich holly green with subtle yellow tones in a luminous metallic finish.


Kissy can be best described as: A glitter that combines red, pink, purple and hologram particles with unique bar glitter.


Izzy can be best described as:  A bright, bold deep pink with hints of silver in a glowing foil-like finish. A fun party pink with big color and a touch of sparkle.


Twila can be best described as: A unique bar glitter in a bright blue shade with hologram glitter accents. This color looks amazing layered over darker hues. It really "pops" ! This color is so much brighter in person. 


Noel can be best described as: A faded denim blue with subtle hints of gold and silver in a dense foil finish. A dreamy, sparkling shade that's like blue jeans for your nails. This color is beautiful alone or layered under one of the bar glitter infused shades.

The Zoya gems & jewels collection allows for multiple looks!  

• Wear the full coverage, jewel toned shades alone for a classic metallic shimmer look! 
• Wear the glitzy, glitter glazes alone for a hint of glitz.  
• Wear several layers of the glitzy, glitter glazes for a unique textured glitz nail look.  
• Layer the the glazes over the shimmers to a totally glam nail jewelry look.  
• Layer the glitzy, glitter glazes over other colors to create a totally unique look that is all your own (According to the folks at Zoya,  silver, gold, white and black are great suggestions, I used a dark navy blue shade, and I loved it!).

Zoya recently released six hot neutral shades from the very popular "Greige" , to the signature "Nude" ,  and some "Blue" and "Rose" shades in between make up the "Feel" Collection.


Kristen can be best described as a gull gray nail polish with a mild bluish hue. 


Carey can be best described as a periwinkle gray. 
Griege shades have been on the "hot" list for a couple of seasons now, and Carey surely does deliver! 


Megan can be best described as a full coverage, taupe gray cream. 


Kendal can be best described as a lavender, beige cream nail polish shade. I love that this is a rose-hued neutral color!! This is something we have not seen recently when it comes to nude shades.


Kennedy can be best described as a full coverage, pale, french beige cream. This is a classic, timeless hue.


Avery can be best described as a full coverage, blond-beige cream. Yet another classic shade.

Both the Gems & Jewels and Feel Collections can be purchased at
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