Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spring into this Holiday Season with looks inspired from the Runways..

When it comes to hair this holiday season , instead of sticking to the same old routine (yawnssss) , why not try Spring trends ??

The past Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Shows  featured so many great looks that are easily attainable . From the classic sleek ponytail, to the classic long part in the middle ( sans the typical routine ringlets everyone is opting for) , to glamourous Hollywood-inspired curls/waves ( which ever way you'd like to describe them) and the polar opposite :  girl-next-door un-done hair,  etc...  

I think it would be fun to be "adventurous" and do the upcoming Spring Trends now in the Winter/Holiday season - isn't it about being "one step ahead of the rest" anyway?? 

Here are some of my favorite looks that I will be doing ( some I've already started to do) this Winter : 

                                                          Classic Sleek Ponytail 
                                               ( As seen at Derek Lam Spring 2012 RTW )

This look is very easy to achieve , all you need to do is make sure that your hair has a very smooth base - which can be done with using the NEW Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil prior to drying your hair , I like to use some after as well, only because I have very thick hair.  You can further smooth out the hair with the help of a heat styling tool like Sultra Beauty's The Seductress Curl, Wave & Straight Iron - you can use this along the hair line especially - this is my favorite iron for straightening my hair. It does the job right everytime!! Make a side-part, and put our hair in a ponytail ( whether you leave the hair loose , create a braid, or chignon is really at your discretion), and the most important part is to finish it off with some Redken Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist - which has become a Fashion Week Backstage staple used by Lead Stylist Guido at almost every show since its release. 

Classic Part in the Middle 
( As seen at Chloé Spring 2012 RTW) 

This look is so refreshing , because for the past couple of years the majority of times when we've seen a "part in the middle" with long locks it is accompanied by the "standard" ringlets. I love this look and how it looks so natural and free-flowing as if there was not much done to create it.  The two main components needed for this look are - 1. Hair Extensions - ( if your natural hair length is not long) , and a large barrel curling iron to create this big loose bump in the hair. I've personally done this style and my go-to hair is by Pro Extensions.  I use the Pro Extensions Pro Cute Clip In Extensions in 20" Pro Cute Remy hair extensions still have its cuticle intact. An intact cuticle will have an appearance that is less shiny, but many consider to look more natural. Cuticle hair extensions have a more realistic texture than standard sets. However, it is still quite luxurious to touch, but in such a way that it will seamlessly meld with your own hair style. Cuticle hair blends beautifully with your natural hair. The cuticle will protect the hair shaft from UV light, heat, chemical hair products, dry conditions and other damaging environments. An intact cuticle will prevent the strands of hair from breaking and splitting, thereby thinning your set. So, I place the entire set of clip ins in my hair, then proceed to make big curls at just the ends with a large barrel iron - I personally use Brillance New York Clipless Curling Iron Triple Barrel with the 3.32 MM diamond infused barrel . To ensure that the curls are not "too done" I don't keep the sections of hair wrapped on the iron too tight or for too much time.  You can further have the loose ends set with velcro- rollers or by pinning them  - either method has worked for me. Since this look has a natural appeal , I don't even use any shine spray or holding spray to set the hair, I leave it "as is" but you can do what works for you. 

Girl Next Door - Undone Hair 
(As seen at Calvin Klein Spring 2012 RTW) 

If you are a "less is more" type of girl, then this will be your favorite look to re-create.  Like the style above, if your hair is not long in length - Hair Extensions will be in order.  For this look, I would suggest using the Pro Extensions Pro Premier Remy Clip In Extensions. Let your hair air dry after washing , but if you must use a blow dryer , do not use a brush while drying, because you don't want the hair to be too straight or sleek - you want the hair to have some natural texture.  Then , you place the clip-in extensions ( if needed).  After the hair is all in place, you take 1" sections of the hair or you can even do a free-form and just grab pieces varying in size at a time , and curl them with Sultra Beauty's The Bombshell in the smaller 3/4" rod curling Iron. Making sure that you focus on the ends only - as it is displayed in the picture above, once all the desired pieces are curled, make sure to run your fingers through all the pieces because the look is supposed to look "un-done". Lightly spray the hair with Redken Wax Blast 10 to set the hair texture. 

Hollywood-Inspired Waves
(As seen at Anna Sui Spring 2012 RTW)

Ok, this look is nothing we have not seen before, but it's still very elegant and beautiful ,and when done right - it never gets old.  For this look you will need Clip In Extensions ( given your hair is not long) in either the Pro Cute or Pro Premier Remy ( as both mentioned above) . Roller set your hair to dry it , once its dry, you then add in the Clip Ins ( optional).  You then curl your hair in big sections , pinning each section to keep the curl in place. Once you remove all the pins, you can then lightly brush through the hair  with a paddle brush ( if you can't afford the fabulous Pearson Mason Brush - any paddle will do).  Set the hair with Wax Blast and add some shine with Shine Flash 02. 


Since this is the Season for giving -  Pro Extensions along with myself are hosting a contest / giveaway which is going for this week only where one lucky reader will win a set of Clip-In Extensions up to $99.99 in value. 

The rules are simple : 
1. You MUST Follow Pro Extensions on Twitter    and "like" them on Facebook  , for the latest updates   on the brand.
2. Email Me   with the subject title "Pro Extensions Giveaway"  - this confirms that you are entered in the contest. 
3. The contest will last for a week, so the deadline to enter is Sunday at 11PM Est , and the winner will be announced Monday . December 5 , 2011. 

Good Luck !!!

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