Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crackle Nails for Fall !!!!







The Shatter / Crackled nail trend has been dominating nails worldwide since it became the "it trend" for nails.  First only having "Black" and other dark colors as options , it all seemed to look the same after a while.  Thanks to Mattese Elite, there is a whole family of colors to choose from , six colors to be exact: Gold, Silver, Black, Blue, Pink and White. Pink, and White , and Gold are my current favorites Crackle Topcoats out of the line, pink, because it is my favorite color , white, because its everything that black crackle topcoat isnt, and last but not least- there is a formal / high fashion feeling you get from gold nails, so to have a gold crackle makes me think luxury with an edge. As with all high quality nail enamels , these topcoats are 3Free, and are under 10 dollars each ( a steal) !!! You can find this line of topcoats at your local Rickys NYC or online at !!!

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