Monday, August 1, 2011

What ever happened to "Yellow Gold Engagement Rings ?"

For some time now , the go to setting for diamond engagement rings online no matter what the retailer / jeweler is  was - white gold, or platinum.  It was as if the whole notion of having a yellow gold ring has become obsolete. I think its time now that yellow gold has made a comeback. With websites like Brilliance , where you can buy wholesale diamonds and custom design your own engagement ring. For instance, if there are no styles on this website that matches your interest i.e. "I want to replicate Kim Kardashians engagement ring", or perhaps you said " I want to be classic and have a ring like the one Grace Kelly had" whatever your ring-envy is, the jewelry designers can make a custom ring to meet your exact specifications.  

Here is the process : 


Step 1: Submit drawings, sketches and/or pictures

Step 2: Receive our illustration renderings for approval

Step 3: Jewelry is cast, polished, and completed

The process is pretty fast, within two days a specialist will contact you to begin the custom design process  after step one in completed. I love the idea that yellow gold styles being featured as a primary style choice. This site offers the most high-quality and  "life of the rich and fabulous" - styled ring designs in addition to the custom designs. This is the perfect anecdote to those who want a Hollywood-inspired ring without the six-figure price tag.  We all can't have the 2-million  ring that a very famous reality star recently acquired, but we can have a fabulous ring that shines as much!!!  I say go for the gold, yellow gold that is !!!


Haikal said...

I like this articles

Fiona Walsh said...

Look at any magazine or engagement rings ireland article on trends for engagement rings, or especially at celebrity rings

Unknown said...
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Elizabeth J. Neal said...

Amanda Gizzi from the Jewelry Information Center reports that "engagement rings for men are a new concept here in the United States. Men and women both wear engagement rings in a lot of countries around the world. For the United States it has never been our tradition. Therefore, it is a foreign concept to most people. engagement rings

aaronnssd said...

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